A Web Designer Adds Relevant Links To Build Trust And Boost SEO

A-Web-Designer-Adds-Relevant-Links-To-Build-Trust-And-Boost-SEO-KC-Web-SpecialistsA web designer includes links as an incentive for users to engage with your business website by linking to relevant content. Adding links sends positive signals to Google and other search engines, which improves SERP, and ensures that more online searchers will click on and view your web pages. Importantly, linking your website to other credible sources on the internet builds visitors’ trust of your website.

Connecting On The Web

As part of SEO strategy, a web designer adds internal links that connect to the pages within a website. External links connect web pages to other websites. These are sometimes referred to as inbound/outbound links. There are several benefits to adding external links on your website. In particular, external links help Google to determine the popularity and relevancy of your site content. This is valuable because when other websites link to yours, it increases your credibility as a trusted source. In other words, Google is going to trust what others are saying about you more than what you say about yourself. Therefore, the more links your web pages receive from credible sources, the more popular your website appears to Google.

A hyperlink is clickable text in a link that users click on to take them to another page. A web designer creates hyperlinks to enable specific word-searches. For example, here is a hyperlink to an article on our website about increasing traffic. Click on this link to read more about how a web designer can optimize your website. You will find other internal links like this with this article. Here is an example of an external link from outside source connecting users to our website. 

Google wants users to find the information they are looking for and you want to drive traffic and generate leads. The words in a hyperlink, called anchor text, is an important part of web designer strategy that not only helps Google read your site and interpret the relevancy of its content, but it also helps visitors to your site learn about your brand, service or product. Therefore, using hyperlinks is a win-win for both Google and your business.

When a skilled, experienced web designer uses links to connect with other helpful content, it increases the value of your business website exponentially. It can increase the value of your website by making user experience more rewarding. Ultimately, if site visitors know that your website publishes and links to quality content, they will keep coming back.

A KC Web Specialists web designer can help your business reach an optimal online presence with effective design strategies. If your website is under-performing, or if you need to build a new one, a skilled web designer is only a phone call away.

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