A Web Designer And A Web Developer – What’s The Difference?


Web designer or web developer? Are they the same or different? What do they do? How do they relate?

Although a web designer and web developer have the same objective of creating websites or applications that attract users, their jobs each have a different area of focus. One is creative while the other is more methodical.

Web Designer

A web designer uses graphics and graphic-design software to create the look of a website or web page. They insert specific coding to make it internet ready. They may write the code themselves or rely on a team of coders to provide it. The primary focus of the web designer is creative in scope. Someone who is intuitive and artistic with a focus on graphic art is good candidates for being a web designer. A good web designer has strong skills in spacial relationships, typography, color, and perspective. They understand the importance of the design aspect of creating a website that appeals to a large audience and is user-friendly.

Web Developer

There are some similarities between the job of web developer and web designer in that they both

However, the web developer can be thought of as the foundation of the website. The developer will be proficient in specific code language (eg HTML, Javascript, CSS etc). Coding is the tools of their trade that they use to create a website that is technically accurate and functional. The web developer is detail oriented and logical in their approach.


Both the web designer and web developer must employ specific skills and techniques that create a sound, functioning website. A website must look interesting and appeal to the target audience. The use of colors and imagery must reflect the company’s brand and the interface must elicit the desired action from users. However, more and more the lines are beginning to meld between the two, as designers are learning code and developers are getting into design.

Can Two Become One?

As constant merging of the two different jobs of web designer and web developer occurs, it may require adapting the use of a new title – web designer/developer – it could happen! That could be a good thing, when web design and development work together, communicating in a way in which everyone understands and is “on the same page.”

But traditionally, there tends to be the small matter of a “communication gap” between the two, among other differences. Can they ever bridge the gap? We think so!

There is no reason why a person has to limit themselves to strictly design or strictly development. Actually, people are already defining themselves as a website designer/developer, merging their existing skills and integrating new ones into their work. While they may always be stronger in their primary skill-set, they can still effectively perform work that meets the demands of the world wide web.

Why Is A Website Important?

Websites are often the first impression customers get of your business. Building a successful business focused website is both an art and a science. With over 15 years of experience behind us, KC Web Specialists are proven leaders in crafting a captivating website for your Kansas City business.

KC Web Specialists are web designers and developers with thousands of successful websites to our credit. We take a proactive approach to integrating the skills of our staff into providing sound, creative websites that reflect the brand, appeal to a wide audience and invite user involvement.

If you are looking for help for your company’s existing website or want one built from the bottom up, Kansas City Web designer and website development will design and build your company a quality website that exceeds your expectations. We then proactively maintain it for you, giving you time to focus on more important things, like running your business.

Ways we can help your business:

  • Modern looking Website
  • Mobile responsive designed Website
  • Content management
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • A Web site design that does well with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


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