Ask Your PPC Marketing Firm These 5 Important Questions

KC Web Specialists Ask says Your PPC Marketing Firm These 5 Important QuestionsPPC Marketing helps online businesses get more bang for their buck, there’s no doubt about that. It helps build your brand and is vital to increase revenue and get better conversion rates. If your advertising campaigns aren’t doing all that (and more) for you, then perhaps it’s time to consider a new online marketing management firm.

Many companies outsource their business marketing activity, but when your current advertising strategies aren’t getting the results you need, you need to make some changes, including hiring the right marketing firm.

Here are a few relevant questions to ask your current agency that can give you a better understanding of their ability to manage your account, and what you can expect. If they fall short, you should consider hiring a better firm to handle your marketing campaigns.

  1. Google Partner – Ask if they are currently a Google Partner. The most successful PPC marketing agencies follow standard Google AdWords best practices, and they have the experience and knowledge to successfully manage your advertising.
  2. PPC Marketing Experience – How many years have they been managing business marketing? Your PPC marketing campaigns should be managed by an experienced firm that has proven strategies for ensuring rapid growth and meeting your business goals. Further, ask if they have staff who either specializes or has experience in your particular business niche.
  3. Other PPC Marketing Services – Does your firm offer other services, like SEO and WordPress web design and development? Optimizing your entire website will consistently deliver leads to your business. Find out what other types of tools they use to manage pay-per-click advertising and generate reports.
  4. PPC Marketing Tracking Metrics – Ask if they use Google Analytics to track everything that is going on in your PPC marketing campaign. You need to have the ability to stay on top of what’s working and what isn’t and make adjustments as needed. Consistent tracking ensures time and money is not wasted on strategies that don’t work.
  5. Cross-Platform Capability – Does your PPC marketing provider work across multiple platforms? Also, ask what would happen to your current campaigns and the processes and reporting that you have in place when you switch to their firm.

The answers to these questions should give you an idea of how your advertising account should be managed in order to grow your business. Most firms with real experience will have an internal process for pay-per-click advertising account management that is proven for helping companies meet their objectives on a consistent basis. We suggest you look for an agency that is committed to giving you a wide range of services including PPC marketing, SEO and more that will improve your business, putting you ahead of your competitors.

Not all PPC marketing strategies are the same; some are much more advanced than others, others have a larger team to handle larger companies. You need one that can integrate your PPC advertising into a fully functional inbound marketing campaign. To get the best value from your investment, be sure that your agency can handle your needs and requirements.

KC Web Specialists can ensure you’ll get the best value from your PPC marketing plan. Our team of competent, knowledgeable technicians can not only design an advertising campaign to meet your goals, but one that will exceed your expectations. We don’t just talk a good game – we deliver.

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