Did This Spam eMail Just Call Me Ignorant? Really!!

Hey folks,

So I got an eMail about a month ago from supposedly my Outlook account management team.  That eMail, about a month ago basically said my Office 365 Outlook eMail was about to be completely erased, and I should hurry and click the embedded eMail link to resolve the issue before I lost my entire eMail account.

Well of course I didn’t click any eMail link like that. It was an obvious spam attempt to get into my account management screens.

What I did was immediately delete the eMail.

Well today, a month later, I get another eMail from them that said………….“removal from kcwebspecialists server has been approved and initiated due to ignorance of last verification message”.

I can’t make this stuff up!

Kansas City Web Design eMail Spam Example


OMG!!!! So my “ignorance” is a cause of concern for them?

They just called me ignorant, and are STILL are trying to get me to click the link.

Folks, never ever ever ever click links in eMails like this. Don’t ever respond to threatening scary eMails. No legitimate organization would ever send you an eMail asking for you to RESET, VERIFY, VALIDATE, UPDATE your credentials. Delete them all. Add them to your spam folders. Just don’t do it.

If you ever get an eMail wondering if it’s real or not, and you’re worried about it. Send it to me. My team of experts, and IT referral partners, will help you figure out what’s going on and help keep you safe.

LOL! Don’t let your “ignorance” be a problem.  LOL!

I hate spammers, but this kind of stuff makes me able to laugh at them too.

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