Don’t Be Fooled – It’s NOT Google Calling You!

Those of you that know me well have seen that I have this passion for helping business owners understand the Internet options that are out there. I try to explain the options in ways you can easily understand, thus giving you enough information to make informed decisions.You also know that I hate when business owners get ripped off by marketing sales reps that prey on the fears and lack of knowledge of business owners as it relates to the Internet.

Many talk over the business owner’s head, and convince him or her that they need to buy this and that, otherwise they are going to get left behind.

So, after the third client of mine called me this week and said they got a call from someone claiming to be from Google, I thought I’d just put this out there to help everyone understand who actually was calling them “Claiming” to be from Google.

If you get a call from someone claiming to be from Google, THEY ARE NOT FROM GOOGLE.  Listen very closely to what they are actually saying. Most of them are saying they are an authorized Google representative.

That does not mean employee of Google.

Unfortunately, here’s where it’s getting really bad, there are even some of them out there just skipping the whole representative line and saying Hey, I’m from Google. So in effect, they are lying to you.

So who are these people calling?

Well, they are 100 percent sales rep’s from marketing companies that are authorized to resell Google products.  FYI, all of the Google services that they are trying to sell you, you can go to Google and set up yourself. Many are free from Google.

I guess my point in this whole passionate appeal is….. If someone calls you saying they are from Google, just calmly ask them. Are you really a Google employee? Or are you someone from a Marketing company trying to sell me Google related services.

The truth is, the stuff/services they are selling is hooked to Google, and much of it can help your business. But, people shouldn’t have to lie to us to get us to listen to them. You know the deal though. It sounds really important if someone from Google is calling me! Wow, Google is calling me.

As always, if you want some help understanding what people are offering, before you make the purchase, please give me a call. I love having those conversations because it continually makes me smarter as I look into the offerings floating around out there.

Also, since I’m on this passionate roll here, if you haven’t had the chance to do so, please check out the bottom of my Web site home page where I’ve recently put a business Web site Golden Rule.

It’s a short, one sentence piece of advice that will save you tons of future heartache with your business Web site. Check it out, it’s on the bottom of my home page.

Chris Nastav

KC Web Specialists, LLC.

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