Five Common Website Development Mistakes To Avoid

Website development ranges from creating simple plain text web pages to building more complex web-based applications. It involves the use of client-side coding and server-side coding to enable functionality on the internet. Combined, coding and database technology is structured to conform to the specific needs of the client.

Basic programming technologies, languages, frameworks and tools are key to website development for managing user requests and browser responses. Formatting and layout, defining the style, form, and function, and making web pages more interactive, are the focus of website development that makes websites more interesting and usable.KC Web Specialists Website Development-mistakes-to-avoid-insert

Five of the most common Website Development mistakes to avoid are:

1. Slow Loading Speed: Avoid adding things that make web pages take too long to load. A web page that has too many images and too much content slows loading speed, making navigation more difficult. Users will quickly lose interest and leave the page. According to Google, 53% of users will abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Importantly, slow loading speed has a negative impact on search engine rank position.

2. No Call-to-Action: A call-to-action option invites users to engage. Websites with no CTA or the wrong CTA can impact search rank, and ultimately a company’s bottom line. There should be at least one call-to-action that tells page visitors exactly what to do and where to go. Examples of strong website CTAs include Add to Cart, Click Here, Contact Us and Buy Now.

3. No Social Media: Social media is a useful tool that helps a business get an edge up on competitors and gives owners an opportunity to establish personal connections with customers. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest help strengthen brand identity and when combined with blogs, it improves SERP on Google.

4. Poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A badly designed website doesn’t rank in search results, stifling lead generation. An optimized site adds value, improves user experience and improves SERP, generating relevant leads. 

5. No Mobile Compatibility: More users than ever are using their smartphones and other electronic devices to access the internet. They want a website that conforms to current technologies for screen size and orientation, across all platforms for all devices. Online business websites that are not mobile-friendly fail to generate traffic and user engagement.

There are quick and easy solutions that can correct even the biggest website design mistakes. Expert website development ensures business pages have fast loading speeds and easy navigation, invite user engagement and are mobile responsive. For a successful website, business’s need professional website development services.

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KC Web Specialists can create a new website, or redesign an existing one, that is recognizable to search engines, builds brand identity and keeps users coming back. Our new website design professionals utilize the best design trends, ensuring websites generate new leads, provide optimal user experience, and more importantly, avoid common website design mistakes. Video

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