How Do You Know If Google Pay-Per-Click Is A Viable Marketing Option For Your Kansas City Business Without Spending a Ton of Money?

The simple answer is…Maybe…Probably… Yes…. No…I don’t really know…  How do I find out?

LOL! Love those simple answers.

I believe all Overland Park, Kansas business owners owe it to their business to do some discovery on the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) matter, but ultimately, like all marketing choices, it will come down to cost-benefit analysis. Simply, how many new clients will I get by spending $X dollars on PPC advertising.

To make this simple, I would like you to make the following assumption:

 PPC / SEM will get you new clients.

I firmly believe this. (Not a sales pitch, just a fact)  I’ve done this stuff long enough for businesses, and I’m also doing if for my own. It does work. You will get new clients by doing it. Guaranteed. But, remember, we’re trying to figure out if it will work for your Olathe, Kansas business.

So, going with the above assumption that PPC will get you new clients, you now have to follow these steps to figure out if your Lenexa, Kansas business should do PPC / SEM or not.

Step 1.

If you spend $500 a month on PPC / SEM marketing, how many clients do you need to get to pay for that spend?

(If I make $10 profit per new client, I need 50 new clients to pay for the $500 spend.)

(If I make $25 profit per new client, I need 20 new clients to pay for the $500 spend.)

(If I make $100 profit per new client, I need 5 new clients to pay for the $500 spend.)


You can put any set of numbers above. Change the marketing spend to $1,000 per month, etc..

Step 2.

Figure out how much will it cost to have an ad in Google.

Pay-Per-Click means just that. Pay-Per-Click. Every time someone clicks your ad in Google, your credit card gets charged a dollar amount.

So there’s two things you need to know to get your answer of how much will it cost to have an ad in Google? 

1) How much will my credit card get charged every time someone clicks my ad?

2) How much does it cost to figure how much it costs per click.

The answer to 1) is anywhere from $1 to $20 per click depending on the key words you want the ad to show up for.

The answer to 2) is about 4 hours of someone’s time who knows what they are doing. Google gives you online tools that can provide you all the answers for free, but you have to know what you’re doing and go in and figure it out. (Sorry, blatant sales pitch here, but consider hiring me to get answer B for you. The tools from Google are free but complicated. This is one of those things you can waste weeks on trying to learn, and still not know if you’re doing it right or not.) 

Finally!!!    Making the PPC / SEM decision………..

In step 1 above you figured out how many clients you need to get to pay for your marketing spend.

In step 2 above you would get the answer for how much it will cost you per click.

Then the math is simple…..

Example….    $500 monthly spend. You make $25 per client. That means you need 20 clients to pay for the marketing. You figured out in step 2 it would cost you $3 per click. $500 divided by $3 equals 167 clicks.

So 167 people would click your ad, and you need 20 of them to become clients to pay for the $500 marketing spend.

Now here’s the tricky part….

How many of those 167 clicks will actually convert into customers?

Unfortunately, the only way to get that answer is to actually run the ad. Oooops, you didn’t tell me Chris there was risk involved. LOL!!

Yep, the only way to really know is to run the ad.

To mitigate this risk it boils down to doing awesome research, and effective set up before running the ad.

Pro’s to running Pay-Per-Click.

Yes, PPC / SEM will get your Shawnee, Kansas business new clients. You can also accurately measure the effectiveness of your marketing spend. There’s no other tool like Google PPC that gives you the ability to measure the effectiveness of a marketing spend. If you do the right set up, you can tell exactly which clients came from your PPC spend.

Con’s to running Pay-Per-Click SEM.

Will you get enough clients to pay for your Kansas City business SEM spend? Unfortunately, the only way to find this out is to actually set up and run the ad.

Raw numbers if you wanted to do PPC….

– – – To do the analysis, then create and set up a great PPC / SEM ad takes anywhere from 6 to 12 hours of someone’s time who really knows what they are doing.  (That’s us by the way 🙂

– – – You will then need to budget money paid directly to Google to the tune of around $500 to $1,500 a month depending on how much you want to spend, and the competitiveness of your key words. There is no contract you have to sign with Google for this monthly spend. You can turn this ad spend off at any time. You only pay Google when someone actually clicks your ad.

Bottom line, PPC / SEM is a viable marketing option for many Kansas City businesses, and you will get clients by using it. But only run an ad if you’re prepared to plan and do the research. Don’t just wing it. Hire an expert to help you.

Author : Chris Nastav

Author: KC Web Specialists

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