How to Make Google Love Your Kansas City Web Design

I give this little bit of training probably 25 times a month at small business networking events across Kansas City, Shawnee, Olathe, Overland Park, and Lee’s Summit. It doesn’t matter if you are a small company or major corporation the following information is applicable.

The question people always ask me is how do I get my Kansas City Web site design to show up better in Google?

There are six core things that Google looks at when it comes to where they decide to rank your Web site in the organic or native search results area of Google. These six things are for competitive terms. “Hair Salon Overland Park” is a competitive term. “Pink Fuzzy Fishing Lures” is not a competitive term. So these six things are related to competitive terms.

1. The age of your Website. How long has it been out there on the Internet. If you are a brand new company the only way you are going to show up on the first page of Google for at least 6 months is to pay for it with Pay-Per-Click.

2. Is the content on your site consistent for the thing you want to show up for. We spend about 1 hour per page on your site making it present a consistent image to Google for something.

3. Are you changing/adding content on your Web site design in Overland Park, Kansas at least twice a month. Google loves fresh new content. What are you doing regularly to add content about the topic you want to show up for?

4. Back-links. How big are you on the Internet besides your Kansas City Web site? Where else on the Internet can I read about your company and there’s a link back to your Web site in that location. The bigger you are on the Internet the more Google will love your Olathe Kansas Web site.

5. How busy is your Web site? Google loves a Web site that’s getting lots and lots of traffic to it. The absolutely easiest way to get traffic to your Web site is to just pay for it. Google Pay-Per-Click, with the right daily budget can get you 10 to 20 people a day visiting your site. That’s 300 to 600 people a month coming to your site for the key words you want to show up for.

6. Mobile or responsive Web design. Does your Web site look good on a phone. Google for the past two years has been beating the drum for responsive design. They are now going so far as to add it to their list of algorithms. They give preference in search results to those with a good mobile responsive Web design.

These six core values that Google is looking for are tried and true and if you keep working at them, you will eventually beat your competition to the first page of Google.

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