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First of all, what is a Kansas City mobile responsive Web design? A mobile responsive Website design is a behind the scenes coding effort applied to any Website that makes it respond and adjust automatically to the size of the device opening the Web site.

Mobile responsive Web designs work better on a Smartphone because they load faster, are easier to read on a small screen, and in a small amount of space, convince potential consumers that you have what they are looking for without them having to try and navigate your regular Website on a tiny screen.

Short, simple and sweet. Unfortunately, this transformation does not magically just happen. You literally have to apply additional coding to your Website and set it up so it recognizes that it's being opened on a Smartphone or tablet. Once your original site recognizes that a Smartphone or Table is trying to open it, then the coding within your site, automatically tries to adjust objects on the page to fit in the different sized screens. Yep, it's a bit complicated!

So, back to the core question....Should a Kansas City business owner go through this exercise and create a mobile responsive Website in addition to their regular Website?

Do you want to show up in Google? Is Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) important to your business?

Well, by the numbers, there were approximately 150 million smart phones in use in the United States at the end of 2014? How many people got an iPhone for Christmas? LOL! So at the end of 2014 that was about 1 in 3 people using a Smartphone.

Most Web strategists and marketing guru's strongly suggest that it's imperative, if you own a restaurant OR service based business, and you want your site to be attractive to Google, that you have a mobile responsive version of your Website. Why?

Because the average American consumer is a right here, right now shopper. You're out in your car with your friends in Shawnee, Kansas and decide to go out to dinner. Boom, out come three smart phones. The site that loads fastest and gives a phone number or location is probably going to get the reservation.

How about tying to find a place in Lee's Summit, to get a radiator fixed while stuck on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere? Your regular site may show that you offer towing, but how hard is that to find on a 2 by 3 inch screen?

No one does this right (surfing and driving), but you're driving home and remember that you were supposed to find guitar lessons for you kids this Summer. At each of the stop lights you do a Google search for music lessons in Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City, etc. Which sites that you visit require you to squint through the menu selections to see if they even offer guitar lesson?

Will businesses go out of business if they don't have a mobile responsive version of their Website? Absolutely not!! But it sure makes life easier on us Stop Light surfers if you did.

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