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Since 2007 we have helped over 2,000+ businesses with their Website, SEO and Google PPC needs.

When a company wants a new Website, what I've found in all the years that we've been doing this, is that potential clients always ask to see some examples of sites we've done for other companies like theirs. My response to them is always... "Yes, we've done sites similar to your industry, but please just keep in mind that what you may like in a Web site, is probably going to be completely different than what some of our other clients may have liked or wanted in their Web site."

This is why we are different from all the other Web design or SEO companies in town.

We match our professional experiences/recommendations with what you want your Web site to look like. Every site we build is unique and it incorporates your desires. If you see a site anywhere out there on the Internet that you like, or if you have a particular look/feel of a site you want.... We can get you there!

Our goal is to build you the site you want, and a site your customers will love coming to.

Call today (913) 489-7866 for a free 45 minute consultation on anything related to doing business on the Internet.

We want to show you our work, but we more importantly want to hear what you want your Website to become.


Chris Nastav, Owner, KC Web Specialists


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