Kansas City Web Design Testimonials

"Chris, Sam and all the staff have always been very responsive to all my inquires. They always have answers to my questions and provide them in a timely manner in easy to understand vocabulary. Any website changes I have requested are completed promptly. I have even requested the changes be changed after seeing them on the site. Sam and all staff have patiently worked with me to make the second and even third changes and updates. I appreciate the good service and expert help."


"I was extremely impressed with their team. They jumped right in on a moments notice and took charge and resolved an extreme situation with my website. They were very attentive, concerned and active in helping me. I will be referring them to everyone I know."


"This company is a great service provider. They have helped me take control and manage my website. Anytime I have had questions or issues they are quick to respond. I would recommend anyone or company looking for a local company to create and/or manage their website to reach out to them. They have given me tons of invaluable information."


"I own several different types of home appliance sales and service companies in the Kansas City area. Over 6 years ago I was extremely lucky to meet Chris Nastav, the owner of KC Web Specialists. He and his team of Kansas City Web Design and SEO experts have made dramatic impacts on each of my business ventures over these years. Chris is always flexible in meeting my Website and SEO needs, and I know I can count on him for sound and well thought out advice. I feel comfortable knowing that he always has my best interests in mind. I look forward to my continued relationship with Chris and his company in the years ahead. Many times, over the past years, I have called on Chris and his team of experts for some odd requests. Even though my request was a long shot...Chris was always able to make my problems go away. Thank you Chris, I could not be where I'm at without you!"


"I have worked with Chris and his team for about 8 years now. They have been great in maximizing our online presence and helping us get business from the web."


"Chris and his team have been a huge help with my site. Over 5 years ago they saved my bacon by stepping in and fixing my site that another company could not deliver on. They have also recently helped me with a complete refresh of the site! Whether it is complete sites, upgrades or just advice these folks treat you like family! Thank you to everyone at KC Web Specialists! for all the help!!!!"


"Applying the SEO coaching we received from just one visit with JoBeth Nastav from K C Web Specialists, OnHandSupply.com’s position on Google’s organic searches vaulted us from "Page Nowhere" to the top of the first page. With typically low click-through rates for ads (SEM), high positioning on the organic searches is critical. We know this takes ongoing work to maintain but should be well worth it. Thanks,"

Jeff Winkel | President | On Hand Supply Company

"Just a note from Wendy Carlton and me to express our thanks for the training this morning and your helpful hints how to make the site look and operate better. We wish all the best this summer to you, Jayana and Cody who helped create and produce our new website for The Lemons Center! KEEP SMILING!"

Mike Collins | The Lemons Center | Kansas City

"Working with team at KC Web Specialists has been a treat. First and foremost they answer the phone when you call. Secondly, their level of expertise dwarfed many of their competitors in the same field that we called prior to our meeting them as we looked for a WordPress Development Partner. One of the many things that really makes a company stand out is their willingness to collaborate on projects with the sole concern of producing the clients expectations with cost being the last consideration. More often than not, this paradigm is the exact opposite. Not with KC Web Specialists, their name says it all, their work says the rest. Sincerely,"

Rodney Liber | The Turn Group | February 28th, 2014

"My wife and I have owned and operated our small business in Kansas City since May of 1991. When we first met the owner and genius behind KC WEB SPECIALISTS our business began to immediately grow, become more successful, and operate much more efficiently. Over the last 17 years our business has become a very well respected and long lasting in our industry and we attribute most of our prosperity to the guidance, support, and contributions provided to us with our association with KC WEB SPECIALIST. Copies FYI is our company name and our advice is to any business owner that is looking for a Business Associate that will always remain true to their mission of providing honesty and outstanding services and guidance, then they need to contact KC WEB SPECIALISTS now and allow their team of experts to begin working with you now. Sincerely,"

Craig Stinson, CEO / Kathleen Stinson, CFO/RHIT / Overland Park, Kansas

"After being taken for a "ride" by another web design individual, I was introduced to Chris and after meeting several times I decided to let KC Web Specialists try and fix my "issues" Within 60 days I not only had my old site fixed, up and running great, but an entirely new site as well to compliment the first! You know what the kicker was? All the work Chris did, was about half what I had spent with that "other" person. Hey this is just one guys opinion but you should at least sit down with Chris and just talk to him if you have questions or concerns about web site. I will bet in the end you will hire him! Thanks Chris" January 11, 2012

Mike Deathe
KISS Dog Training

“Chris Nastav helped us redesign our website(s) as I was using some of the templates available. I did not know at the time, but that was actually hurting our SEO. Chris and his crew are very knowledgeable and designed our sites from scratch with info we wanted on them. I was at a local networking meeting not long ago, and someone mentioned that he used to be a web designer and help with seo, and he was impressed with our website and how high we came up on the seo. Pretty neat from someone in that industry who knows what he is looking at. Chris and his guys have been easy to work with, and very economical, plus he does not try to get you to sign long term contracts like a lot of web people out there, I would recommend him to a friend or family member!” January 12, 2012

Tim Dineeen
Sunflower Pest Control

“A genuine giver, Chris endeavors to bring his extraordinary skills, talent, and creative insight to provide a service and product uniquely tailored to each client, efficiently, affordably, and perfectly." January 11, 2012

Ann Butenas
Koras House

"Chris is an expert on all things website-related and is especially good at getting companies to rank high on google and other search engines. Chris spends time with his clients and gets to know what is important to them and develops websites to fit. He is a knowledgeable speaker about web-related topics and his presentations are informative as well as entertaining." January 11, 2012

Karen Tapp
Tapp Dance Design

"It has been a good experience working with KC web specialists. Your response time to requests is pretty fast. I also like the fact that you continuously seek my input. I dealt with a national company and they were horrible. Very slow to respond to requests. Too many departments to deal with. They even placed pictures on my site without making sure I liked them. They took forever to take down the distasteful pictures. The website they built for me was no different from what I had. The rest is history. What you've built is far superior to what I currently have. Thanks."

Esau Formusoh,Ph.D
Owner/Staff Entomologist
EcoPest Services, LLC

"Chris is outstanding. He listens to my needs and transforms my desires into reality. His web insights have been a real asset to my business and he's made an impact on my bottom line. I highly recommend Chris." January 11, 2012

Scott Skibell
Skill Casting

"When my company needed a web design specialist, expert in making us show up in google searches, and expert in what makes us stand out best, the only person I thought of was Chris Nastav, of KC Web Specialists - Hands down, no question." January 13, 2012

Amy Graves

"Chris is the only web designer that I found that takes pride in every part of his business. Nobody will find anyone more HONEST than Chris. He told me that he would get me on the first page of Goggle. He not only got me on the first page but he also got me on the first listing.

Jerry Neer - owner

"Knowledgeable, helpful and creative company!! Highly recommend!! Chris and his team are absolutely top notch when it comes to web site design and search engine optimization! He is also very helpful with social media education and he is extremely economical. He really loves what he does and his passion shows in his work. He also gives FREE educational seminars to non-technical companies and business owners. If you own a business you MUST contact him!!!"

Melissa Ward
American Telephone, Inc

"We knew that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was complicated and that there are many important factors which determine your search ranking within search engines like Google or Yahoo. We also knew that we did not have the knowledge or understanding needed to move our site way up on the list. That is until we enlisted the help of Chris Nastav of KC Web Specialists. Chris expertly implemented strategic changes to our site and patiently taught us important considerations we could implement ourselves to improve and maintain our ranking. Chris’ services were a bargain compared to what other companies were wanting to charge us. Soon after our engagement with KC Web Specialists we won a new client who found us a result of a web search, just this one client more that paid for our investment. We will continue to use Chris and enthusiastically recommend him to any company."

Jeff Herman
American Companion Care

"Over the past 2 1/2 years I have referred many of my clients to KC Web Specialist. The level of consistent service Chris provides is unbeatable! He is extremely knowledgeable, not just about the web and optimizing the internet for businesses and non-profits, but about how to interact with the individuals behind the business. He is as everyday as you or I, accessible, thorough, and delivers as promised."

Jayana DeWolf,
Complete Business Consulting

"Chris is probably one of the most strategic expert in the area of search engine optimization I have ever met. He helps you to make your web site a useful tool to get customers to use your site."

Jeff Miner
Nothing By Chance

"I met Chris at a networking event and asked him to take a look at our company website to see what he could do to improve its look and its function. He did and the result is a new tool for our business that is actually driving new business our way! Within the first six months I got return on my investment. Great company, helpful staff! Thanks,"

Sean Baxter

"Chris is a high energy professional with extensive website knowledge. I have worked with him for a few years as the web developer for SHBC - Small & Home Business Connection and he is not only an expert in his field, but he is personable, friendly, intelligent and efficient. I wish all my business contacts were as easy to get a long with as Chris. I highly recommend him!"

Caylon Huckabay
Managing Partner, Huckabay Holdings

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