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Why Do I Need To Maintain My Kansas City WordPress Website?

Let me start out by saying that WordPress is an absolutely amazing tool for business owners who want a dynamic and robust Web presence. It’s feature rich, and allows the business owner to immediately modify content on the site as often as they’d like.

WordPress is a positive game changer for small business owners from a Website content perspective.

Unfortunately though, WordPress does require a lot more back-end ongoing love and attention. Much more than a tradition HTML based Websites.

So the question is, Why do I need to maintain my Kansas City WordPress business Website? The short and simple answer is……It’s kinda bad if you don’t!

As the owner of business with a Kansas City WordPress Web site design, you should be spending 1 to 2 hours every month maintaining the back-end of your site.

Of course at this point, you probably want to know what do I have to actually do to maintain the back-end of my Website, and why does it take 1 to 2 hours a month.

Here’s a list of all the things you should be doing, or at least monitoring on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Getting through this list of things requires that you first set up a bunch of plug-ins and different accounts, then you need to have a strategy for actually acting on any alerts or required changes that come up.

It’s really a time issue, more than a technical issue. Although some of the set up can be a bit technical.

There are tons of learning resources on to set up and maintain all these WordPress back-end maintenance applications.

But, if you do not have the time or desire to worry about these vulnerabilities – Not to worry!

The KC Web Specialists team of developers are experts in WordPress, and we’ve put together a prudent set of WordPress maintenance options for your business Website.

Click here to read more about about our WordPress maintenance packages. 

So business owners out there. Love and enjoy the power of your WordPress Website. Just be sure to allocate some time or budget to maintaining your site on a regular basis.

Author : Chris Nastav

Author: KC Web Specialists

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A WordPress Website is a collection of objects all working together. Backing up a WordPress Website is not just a simple matter of copying one or two files. Each piece of your site, including the database associated with your site need to be backed up in the appropriate manner and location.


A WordPress Website is a collection of objects created by different vendors. When your site was first created, each of these separate vendor objects were set up and tested. As the months pass, new versions of these vendor objects are released. By design, your Website does not automatically update with the newer vendor objects. It’s imperative that before doing any updates to these vendor objects that you have a recent full backup of your Website. Then, once you update the vendor object, you must test the functionality of your Website to make sure the new version of the vendor object not only works on your site, but it doesn’t cause conflicts with other vendor objects on your site.

Speed Tests

Potential customers have little patience for a slow loading Website. And, Google uses page load times in their SEO algorithms. It’s imperative that you continually test your Website page load times and then optimize or correct the things slowing down your site.

Up-Time Monitoring

Has it ever happened to you that an existing client lets you know that your Website isn’t working. You notice I said “existing client”. Potential clients don’t contact you because they’ve moved on to the next company’s Website, and are doing business with them. Obviously it’s imperative that you have a method of making sure your Website is always up and running, and you have a solution in place for quickly getting it back running if it’s down.

Expiration Notifications

As a business owner, the worst thing you can do is let your Website domain name or hosting expire. Once these items expire, depending on how long they’ve been expired, they can be difficult to get back. Or worse, before you get around to renewing them, someone else buys them out from under you.  You need a systematic plan for being notified of critical Website related expiration dates.

Hacker Protection

Websites are almost always under attack from malicious sources. It’s important that you have the right security plug-ins in place, and then monitor any malicious security efforts against your site. While it’s impossible to stop 100 percent of all attacks, it is possible to greatly reduce your site’s vulnerability through a regular schedule of Website updates and constant monitoring of security threats.

Secure User Audits

One of the most important hacker protection steps a business owner can take with their WordPress Website is to manage user access to the back-end of the Website. KC Web Specialists will perform an initial audit of all Website users, their permission levels, and then provide a user management report to the business owner.

Database Optimization

In general, databases operate more efficiently when the amount of storage space between posts, pages and other database objects are compressed and optimized. Furthermore, optimization significantly reduces the risk of database and data corruption.

Change Reports

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some way of knowing who made content or technical changes to your Website and what those changes were? With the appropriate plug-ins and security permissions, it is possible to generate on-the-fly or scheduled user activity reports on your WordPress Website.

Phone and eMail Support

Face it, it’s really nice to talk to someone local when you are having a problem with your Website. KC Web Specialists provides both eMail and phone support during regularly scheduled business hours. Additional after-hours phone support is available with special arrangements.

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