PPC Advertising: 5 Distinct Advantages For Business Success

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PPC advertising is an important website design option that can help your small business in several ways. As you may know, Internet marketing is essential if you want to stay competitive in your industry. Having a website with your logo and company name tells people what your company is about, and what products or services you provide. However, you may not know that without an effective marketing strategy like PPC it can be much more challenging to see an acceptable return on your investment.

There’s a lot of data available that provides valuable PPC advertising performance information. Recent studies have shown that more than 50% of Americans prefer shopping online. In order for your website to attract online shoppers and get the return you’re looking for, your website needs to rank high in searches and attract the right audience. Further, visitors to your page need to be able to quickly find what they are looking for and complete an action quickly and easily. (e.g. click on your ads and follow through to purchase).

Based on statistical evidence, it becomes very clear that without Pay-Per-Click marketing, your business is losing customers, which means you are losing money. When you have a website that includes PPC advertising, and other specific design elements, it not only gives users what they want, but it also helps your business.

Here are several important advantages of having a PPC advertising campaign for your business website:

5 Advantages of PPC Advertising

  1. Immediate Response: As soon as your PPC ad campaign is launched it is visible to users, prompting them to click on your ads. Well-designed PPC ads are usually posted at the top of search pages, which increases online traffic to your website. More traffic means more visitors, resulting in more clicks and increased sales.

  2. High Visibility: Reaching the right audience increases your online visibility and improves brand recognition. Pay-per-click allows you to use specific keywords to target brand-specific users. Further, visitors now associate your brand with the product or service they are looking for and are more likely to purchase something.

  3. Measure Results: Advertising through Google Ads is a powerful tool for tracking conversion goals. You can track how well your PPC ad campaign is performing, what kind of traffic your website is getting, your online sales, and more.

  4. Control Costs: PPC is “pay as you go.” There is no set amount required, nor is there a long-term contract, plus you pay only for the number of clicks on your ads. In addition, your ad campaigns can be adjusted for better performance, if needed.

  5. Compatibility: While there are numerous other advantages of a pay-per-click marketing campaign, perhaps the most important is how well it works with other marketing platforms. PPC advertising, in conjunction with other SEO design features, drives visitors to your site content quickly and improves the return on your investment. 

PPC Advertising and SEO Work Together To Enhance Business Success

Pay-per-click marketing complements Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, almost 90% of companies invest in both SEO and PPC advertising. It improves your overall website performance, with immediate benefits of having a higher search rank and generating the desired results.

Ultimately, when you hire a website design expert to implement PPC advertising and other SEO features, it will ensure you get a successful, mobile responsive website that helps you achieve all of your business objectives. 

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