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Should I Add Chat To My Business Website?

You’ve all seen them as part of different business Websites. That little bouncing “chat” box that wants to know if they can help you.

Kansas City Website Chat Service


The question is…

Should you have chat service available on your business’s Web design?

The answer in most cases is YES………“IF”

I wish the answer did not come with an “If” or a “But”.

But, there always has to be a caveat to these kinds of decisions.

So with regards to the answer, I feel that yes, it would benefit a business to have chat on their Website, “IF” they are willing to make the effort to be rapid in their response.

Chat on a Website gives the impression that I, as the business, am available now to be of assistance to you.  The Chat is “immediate”.

But you don’t have to, in that immediate chat session, totally satisfy the customer’s needs. You just need to provide in that chat session the impression that they are important to you, and you are going to be able to help them.

As a business you have to consider what level of “I’m Able” is attainable. All of the following can be acceptable:

  • I’m able, right this second, in this chat session, to provide what you need.
  • I’m able within 10 minutes after this chat session is over to provide what you need.
  • I’m able within 2 hours after this chat session is over to provide what you need.

The closer you can get to “right this second” the more successful your business’s chat feature will be for your company. But you can successfully use chat as a launch point to further communications in the near future.

The cool thing is that, if done right, your company employees don’t have to be the one’s actually managing the chat sessions. You can outsource that job with great success.

The most successful businesses that use chat on a Website are companies that are selling a product online, or are providing customer service using the chat and have .

BUT service businesses such as Attorneys, Plumbers, Carpet Cleaners, Home Painters, Pest Control, can also successfully use chat on their Websites “IF” they plan their level of availability correctly.

Example on an attorney Website chat conversation. (Mary is the chat service, Bob is the potential client)

Kansas City Website Chat Team

Mary: Hi my name is Mary, how can I help you today?

Bob: I was hurt at work, what are your fee’s if I want to sue my company?

Mary: I’m sorry you were hurt at work, I would like one of our attorneys to contact you directly as soon as possible. What is your name and phone number so they can reach you immediately?

Bob: Bob Smith (913)555-1212. But can’t you just answer my questions right now?

Mary: I know speed is of the essence in these kinds of situations. But so is detailed information. I’m sure your case is unique and it’s important to your case that one of our team get all the details.  I am contacting one of team now with your contact information,and they will be reaching out to you very soon.  If you have a moment, do you mind also providing an eMail address?


Mary: Thank you. One of our team will be with you very soon.

Bob: Thanks….

(end chat)


In this scenario, as you can probably tell, it’s not an attorney actually handling the chat, and it’s not even someone at the law office. It’s just someone skilled enough to answer quickly, deflect when needed, and finally, MOST importantly, provide a sense of “immediacy” that their questions will be answered quickly.  The quicker the law firm contacts Bob, the higher the likelihood they will retain him as a client.

So chat can work for service business companies, as long as the “IF’s” are met.

In my next blog post I will be discussing in detail the cost of implementing chat within a Website development effort.

KC Web Specialists, would be proud to be your partner in the implementation of chat on your business Website.  Please reach out to us at your convenience if you would like to discuss next steps.

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