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Web design needs a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) foundation from the onset when building a new website. Generating SEO traffic is key to the success of a website or blog. It means the difference between getting traffic from online searches to your site or staying invisible.

There are many different components of building a successful website and prioritizing SEO is the most important. Here are several options for SEO optimization.


Determine who you want to attract to your website. Are you trying to reach a customer base that will buy your service or product? In their online activity, how are they using the search engines? Do they look at informational articles, videos or memes the most? Are they commenting, asking questions or posting reviews? This information helps narrow the focus of your web design to appeal to a larger audience.

Mobile Friendly

Since the majority of online searches are done from cell phones and other mobile devices, Google has initiated mobile-first indexing. This means that mobile-friendly websites are more import for SEO ranking, as these sites are indexed first, before desktop versions. Web design that includes mobile-first indexing as an SEO strategy has the advantage of attracting traffic to their site first.

Loading Speed

Having a fast-loading page is optimal for the success of your website. Google recently released a “speed update”, which is a ranking algorithm for making mobile-friendly websites faster to load and navigate. When creating a web design, page speed can make you or break you – users won’t linger for slow web pages to load. There are many ways web design can improve the speed of your web pages, such as compressing images, using a browser cache or a content delivery network (CDN).

Google Analytics

As part of your web design, installing Google Analytics before launching your website helps you collect important data about how your website is performing. You can review your analytics and make changes to improve your SEO ranking. It is the best SEO tool to use to track who is viewing your page, how they found it and when they viewed it. There are many more effective uses for the data that this tool provides.


A web design that includes sitemaps makes your website more visible to search engines with more accurate search results. They make your website rank higher and results in higher user involvement. The most effective sitemaps for SEO are XML sitemaps, making it easier for search engines to discover and navigate your content.

Build Your Brand With Keywords

Including high-quality content that is specific to your brand improves SEO ranking. Keyword-based search options in the title and placed strategically throughout the page is one of the most important components of web design. Include keywords in header tags, title tags, and meta tags and in the anchor text used to describe links. Use keywords in the URL of new pages.

Customize the URL

The first few words of your URL should be your keyword. The URL should communicate what’s on the web page, and the keyword should appear on each page. Shorter URLs have a better SEO ranking.

There are many other web design features that enhance SEO optimization, such as:

  • Linking in Blogs – Outbound linking is a web design feature that helps Google recognize your website. Internal links help drive traffic from one post to another.
  • Images – Web design that includes visual content is a very effective tool for SEO optimization. Image file names should include the keyword. The keyword should also be included in the image ALT text. Images create visual interest and are great for link building.
  • Headings – Headings can help organize text content, making the page easier to read. Include keywords in a few of the headings.
  • Meta and Title Tags – Meta tags are for search engines and other bots to help search ratings. It provides a brief description of what is on your web page. Using the keyword helps draw user attention to the page. Use keyword only once, and keep title tags short as Google displays a limited number of characters.

Effective web design brings more traffic to your website increasing SEO ranking. Your web designer can help you determine what will work best for you. A Google certified web designer can provide what you need to make your website a success. The team of specialists at KC Web Specialists is fully committed to providing the best service to you.


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