The future of Search Engines Related to Kansas City SEO

Every two years, the company MOZ gets together with the brightest minds in SEO with a survey, asking participants how they view the complex brain algorithm which is Google’s search engine. While MOZ was able to get some insights as to what currently the workings are, another insight was about the predictions of the future of search, meaning, how they believe the future evolving of the algorithm.

Ranking Factors

Increases Include:
1. Mobile Friendliness
2. Analysis of a site/page’s perceived value
3. Quantity/quality of instant answers provided in SERPs
4. Usage data (CTR, dwell time)
5. Readability/usability/design
6. Influence of structured data in SERPs
7. Association with mobile apps & app popularity
8. Clickstream data from outside search results
9. Site speed
11. On-page topic modeling

Stay the Same:
1. Topic relevance of links
2. Quantity of paid results on SERPs
3. Social signals (shares, likes, +1’s)
4. Presence & prominence of advertising vs. content
5. Raw domain authority based on incoming links
6. URL structures/formatting/optimization
7. Internal links

1. The effectiveness of paid links
2. Influence of anchor text

All together, the factors lead to a great insight, that user experience will be what drives Google’s search engine.

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