Tips For Integrating SEO Kansas City With Your 2020 Marketing Plan

KC Web Specialists SEO Kansas City Tips For 2020 Marketing PlanSEO Kansas City is an essential part of website design. Integrating core SEO with a dedicated marketing plan for 2020 can lead to more opportunities that significantly benefit your website’s performance. As a fast-paced marketing discipline that is constantly changing, SEO is structured to make your web pages appear in Google searches. Fundamentally, it’s about making your web pages easy to find and easy to use.

Because users demand excellent internet experiences, if your website doesn’t meet their expectations, the risk of not meeting all your business objectives is high. As online competition increases and new websites are launched, you may need to rethink your content marketing strategy and invest in SEO Kansas City. Here are 6 key tips for optimizing your 2020 marketing plan to get your website out in front of your competitors.

1. Mobile Responsive – Mobile compatibility has been around for a while and is predicted to be even more popular in 2020. Google predominantly looks at the mobile version of a page for indexing and ranking. If the mobile version of your web pages don’t look good or have less content than the desktop version, the less prominent your rankings will be.

2. Voice Search – Voice searches make up a considerable proportion of Google searches. In fact, it is predicted that half of all searches in 2020 will be voice searches. SEO Kansas City can implement voice search into your website to generate more organic traffic and ensure a higher SERP.

3. Semantic SEO – Semantic search analysis determines the intent of the user and the contextual meaning of queries. Traditionally, SEO has emphasized the use of relevant keywords embedded in content that Google will recognize. These days, Google no longer uses the actual word or string of words that are entered in the search box, but instead looks at the query context and analyzes the possible search intent to deliver results.

4. SERP Marketing Diversification – Instead of focusing on organic listings, in 2020 SEO will be optimizing more interactive elements, with more visual results (i.e. quick answers, maps, user reviews, basic facts, etc.). Google is becoming more of a destination page and not just for discovery, providing more comprehensive answers to search queries. Diversifying your web page content for cross-device compatibility, a smoother user experience, and creation of more marketing channels, for example, has multiple benefits.

5. CTR and Dwell Time – Users want and expect information at the click of their fingertips and SEO Kansas City predicts search engines will place greater value on CTR and dwell time in 2020. Click-through-rates and dwell time are important metrics that give you insight into user satisfaction by evaluating user interest, your ability to produce what they are looking for, and what they do after they click on your page.

6. HTTPS Secured – Without a secure browsing experience, users may stay away. A secured website protects user information while they are on your page. SEO Kansas City can ensure your website is encrypted and authenticated. Page visitors are more likely to stay because they trust their information is safe. This improves sales and generates revenue for your business.

SEO Kansas City ensures that all users can get their questions answered quickly and completely. If you want to generate more targeted traffic from Google to your business website, or if you still have questions and need help with SEO services, contact KC Web Specialists today and speak with one of our expert web designers today.

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