Top 3 Reasons It Pays To Understand Google Search Screens

Almost every business owner desires to show up on the first page of Google. With hundreds of billions of business service related searches executed a year, Google can be a major source of leads and profitability to any company. 

But, with so many leads on the line, and invariably a limited marketing budget, it’s imperative that business owners truly understand the Google search result screens, so they can maximize their marketing budgets.  

Below is a screen shot of the results of a typical Google business service related search. Notice there are 5 different search result areas, and for each area Google requires something different from the business owner. 

kansas city seo search screen


Here are the top three reasons why you should understand the differences between these search result areas.

#1 Marketing Budget Efficiency

Let’s say you have $1,000 a month to spend towards showing up in Google.  If all 5 areas above are different, and Google requires something different from the business owner for each area, than where do you spend the money? Do you spend $200 on efforts for each of the five areas, or do you concentrate the whole $1,000 in one area?  Too many business owners just pay “Web / SEO” companies a blanket monthly fee amount with no idea where the “Web / SEO” company is spending that money.  This is not a effective way to market in Google.  With a $1,000 a month marketing budget, it will be very difficult, if not impossible for you to show up in all five areas.  Pick the most efficient area for your business, and put all your money towards that area. 

#2 Google Is Currently Proximity Focused

If you are a business that provides “any” kind of service to a consumer, or to another business, then it’s imperative that you understand how focused Google is right now on providing search results based on proximity.   Proximity means – How close is my business to the person doing the search?  Understanding this proximity philosophy from Google can help a business show up better in the different areas of a search result screen. Giving you the edge on your other local competitors. 

#3 There Are Actually 6 Google Search Result Areas

If you type in your business name in Google, you should see something similar to the screen shot below. An expanded Website listing on the left side of the screen, and your “Google My Business” results on the right side of your screen.  I’ve decided to list this as one of the top three reasons why you should understand a Google search result screen, because too many businesses neglect the customer experience of someone who is searching directly for your company name.  Having your company display professionally in a Google search result screen is a huge credibility plus. seo services kansas city screen shot


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