Top 5 Ways To Get Quality Employees From Your Website

As business slowly comes back to life across America, many companies will come to realize that the challenges of hiring quality employees still exists.  With that in mind, here are 5 quick things you can do to your Website which can better help you find and hire quality employees. 

#1 Make your Website site secure. Look up in the top left of your Website.  Does it say “Secure”.  In today’s environment, people need to “feel” safe. They want to feel secure.   This might seem simple, but people really are paying attention when they come to a Website and see the words “Not Secure”.  It’s how it makes them feel that’s important.    You can easily fix this by contacting your Website hosting company and purchasing an SSL certificate for about $70 a year. 


#2 Make your Website mobile friendly.  Bottom line, your Website is either mobile friendly or it isn’t. Depending on the age of the person visiting your site, this could make a difference.  Most job seekers are looking on their phone for employment.  Cost wise, if you have an older site that’s not mobile friendly, unfortunately, you pretty much have to rebuild the site. But even if you decide, not to make your site mobile friendly, at least make it so the phone numbers are actionable.  When people are on their phones visiting your site, and they touch the phone number, whether Android or Apple, when they touch the phone number, make sure it actually dials the number.

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#3 Add a Welcoming look to your Website’s careers page.  Your Website should have a careers page that does more than just list job opportunities with your company. The page should make it look like working for your company will be fun.  Make the page into something that welcomes potential new employees. 


#4 Have a team page on your Website. Potential employees really do want to see who they will be working with. A team page on your Website can go a long way in making your company seem more inviting. 

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#5 Kind of obvious, but tell people you are hiring. If you don’t tell people, they usually won’t know. Have “Now Hiring” prominent across your Website site.  Have it take them to a careers page that is welcoming, that lists open positions, tells them about the culture of your company, and tells them all the perks and benefits of working for your company. 

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KC Web Specialists, would be proud to be your partner in applying some of these basic tips on your Website. Please reach out to us at your convenience if you would like to discuss next steps.

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