Top 5 Website Development Mistakes That Prevent A High Search Rank

kc web specialist top 5 website development mistakes blogWebsite development involves the planning, design and building of successful business websites. The best websites are designed for both users and search engines, and website development must avoid mistakes that can prevent the website from ranking high in search engines. Professional website development can help establish your credibility with search engines, ensure an optimal user-friendly experience, and generate a steady flow of customers. 

kc web specialists html codes important seo elementAs a growing brand, the last thing you want is a poor web design when launching your online presence. Website development creates a web design that adheres to standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with streamlined and properly organized navigation while incorporating aesthetic designs that are imperative for meeting user preferences and search engines’ requirements. 


Here are 5 common web design mistakes that can affect your site’s SEO strategy:

  1. Missing HTML Tags: The H1 tag indicates a heading on a website and tells search engine crawlers what the page is about. As an essential SEO design element, having the H1 tag, especially on the home page, improves rank position on SERP.
  2. Large Images & Media Files: Large images and videos can result in slow page loading speed and lower page rank. Website development determines which content is too large on the page and optimizes the content by resizing or compressing it for better functionality.
  3. Too Many Pop-Ups: Elaborate pop-ups can negatively impact user experience, especially on mobile devices, when they appear before users can even get to the main content of the page. While they serve a purpose, many users find them annoying. This results in less organic traffic and further impedes your SEO efforts. Website development limits the use of pop-ups.
  4. Layering Text Over Images: Focusing on images alone instead of other essential elements is a mistake. Search engines can’t “read” the text on images and do not find any functional purpose in using images as a primary form of navigation. Further, it is not responsive, causing the text to appear very small on mobile devices and results in poor user experience. 
  5. Insufficient Content: When you don’t have enough keyword-rich content that features your products and services it has a negative impact on search rank. The best website development SEO practice is to include descriptive content with one main keyword on each page that is clear to search engines. 

kc web specialists search engine visibility user experienceKC Web Specialists website development will implement the most effective SEO design elements for driving organic traffic to your website. Our experience enables us to avoid the critical mistakes that can defeat the purpose of having a business website. When building a new website or redesigning an existing one we follow best practices avoiding (or correcting) common website mistakes. For example, we will:

  • Use a strong call to action to influence users.
  • Measure website analytics.
  • Provide clear messaging to your target audience.
  • Focus on relevant keyword content.
  • Optimize page-load times to keep visitors engaged.
  • Ensure your website is mobile-responsive and much more.

Whether you need a completely new website or your existing website needs a redesign, our expert website development can give you an optimal online presence. 


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