Top Business Website Design Tip For July 2018

Web Design Kansas City July 2018 Top TipOK folks, here it is, plain and simple. The top business Website design tip for July 2018.

Tip – Don’t change the look of your Website just because you think a competitor’s Website looks cooler, newer, fresher!

That’s an interesting tip coming from a Web design company that makes money when people rebuild their Websites. You’d think I’d want you changing your site every couple of years.  All I can say is, as a small business owner myself, don’t succumb to emotions with regards to your Website redesign decisions.

Of course you should always be paying attention to your Website, and what you’re competitors are doing, but if you’ve updated your Website in the last 2 to 3 years, it’s not imperative that you change it again to give it that new “cool” looking home page.

Don’t let emotions drive your Website redesign / update needs.

Question 1. What does your customer want when they come to your home page? (No really, stop and take a moment and answer this question in your mind before reading further.)

Answer. I absolutely guarantee you that the top thing on the mind of your customer is NOT how new and cool your Website home page looks. The first thing on your customer’s mind’s is…….“Does this company have what I need?”

And, they want that answer within 5 seconds or less.

A typical American consumer of products and services wants what they want immediately.  You make them scroll down through a long visual show of emotional Website “coolness”, and they are going to be racing to the back button.

You should have at the top of your home page, all their questions answered. Don’t make they scroll down through your Website to get the quick answers they want. (And don’t get me started on what Google wants from your home page. That’s another blog post or two all-together different.)

Once you’ve satisfied a potential customer’s 5 second need to know it now questions, then you can focus on the rest of your Website’s presentation.

So when deciding if you should upgrade your Website to that new, cool, fresh look that your competitor might have.


Turn off your emotions. Look at your current Website, and ask yourself.  In 5 seconds or less, does my Website tell my potential customer, what I do, and how they can get a hold of me.

If it doesn’t do that at the top of your site, then trust me, creating a new cool long scrolling Website, with YouTube Videos, cool graphics, twitter feeds, other social media feeds won’t keep them on your Website.

Of course all of you know this following fact, because you are all American consumers of products and services…..

FACT: American consumers get bored very quickly, and they want their answers “NOW”.

Give it to them first and foremost, then worry about the “coolness” of a new Website later.

So there you have it. The top July 2018 tip for business Website design.

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