Use Google Analytics To Know These Top 6 Things About Your Business Website Visitors

Top 6 Reasons To Use Google Analytics For Business In Kansas CityAs a certified Google Partner in Kansas City, for Web design, SEO and PPC, I would like to share with you 6 really great things you can know about your business Website visitors by using the free tool called Google Analytics.

  1. How Many Visitors There Were
  2. How Many Pages They Went To On Your Website
  3. How Long They Stayed On Your Website
  4. Which Pages They Went To On Your Website
  5. Are They Using A Computer Or Smartphone To Visit Your Website
  6. Where Did They Find Your Website

#1, #2, #3 How many visitors went to how many pages and stayed how long?

In the picture below, I can see that in the last year, KC Web Specialists has had 8,307 Website visitors, that went to 15,768 pages on the Website, and each stayed an average of 1 minute and 09 seconds. (Side note. I can see that 93% were new visitors.   The primary purpose of my Website is to help me acquire new customers.)

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#4 Which pages my Website visitors went to?

In the image below, I can see where my Website visitors first come into my Website, and from there, what other pages do they travel to.  If the goal of your business is to get people to fill out the contact form page information, it’s important to be able to tell if they are actually getting there. If the goal is to get people to your gallery page, etc, are your visitors actually going to the pages you want them to go to on your Website. This page in Google Analytics will give you those answers.

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#5 Are they using a computer or phone to visit my Website?

Mobile, mobile, mobile, everything has to be mobile. Well, maybe yes, maybe no. Using Google Analytics you can see in the picture below exactly what people are using when they visit your Website. In the screen shot below I can see that…

  • 64.65% visited my site using a desktop.
  • 35.35% visited using a mobile device or tablet.

You should really really pay attention, and go through your Website using a phone. How easy is it, and does it allow people to quickly and easily do what you want them to do?

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#6 Where did they find your Website?

This is probably one of the best reasons to use Google Analytics. Let’s say that you are doing radio or television advertising. You’re in these commercials telling people to visit your Website at  Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many people actually were coming to your Website simply by typing in the address? Or maybe your running a Google SEO effort. How many of your Website visitors are actually coming to your site through Google? In the screen shot below you can see exactly how people are getting to a Website. Whether they are directly typing it in, coming to it through social media, through Google SEO, or maybe other marketing efforts. A good way to measure your marketing spend efforts.

Kansas City Google Analytics Expert Picture 4


So there you have it. 6 of the fantastic pieces of information you can glean about your Website visitors using Google Analytics.

KC Web Specialists, would be proud to be your partner in the installation of Google Analytics on your Website, and then help you interpret the data. Please reach out to us at your convenience if you would like to discuss next steps.

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