Web Design in WordPress: What’s Trending?


As Web design continues to evolve, smart designers know the importance of keeping up with the latest WordPress trends. Understanding trends and how they can be used to the best advantage helps your business website stay current in the online community.

Looking back to previous years, we have seen how using popular design elements have increased web traffic and made websites adaptable for mobile devices, making it possible to shop online and so much more. Web design experts utilize the most popular WordPress trends to build landing pages that are not only fast-loading and easy to navigate but meet all the other important goals of a business website. Here are a few of the more effective current WordPress design trends.

AMPs and PWAs 

Mobile devices generate the most web traffic and the trend for accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) has become a ranking factor in Google searches. Mobile-friendly progressive web apps (PWAs) have been developed by WordPress that make websites faster and easier to launch, further ensuring a high rank position.

Drag-and-Drop Web Design Page Builders

Existing interfaces make it possible for website designers to quickly customize the look of a web page. With the growing use of drag-and-drop features, WordPress’s Gutenberg text editor features a drag-and-drop interface that has even more options for customized web design.

Video Headers

Playing videos on mobile devices has become a standard of users, and WordPress is taking advantage of that by providing better video functionality for featuring products or services and getting more information to users just by reading the headlines.

Virtual Reality and Animation

Virtual reality is not just for gamers anymore. Taking things to a whole other level, WordPress has created plugins that can give users a more vibrant and interactive experience with devices, games, and virtual tours from any computer or smart device. Virtual Reality VR/AR and 360-degree content can be embedded on WordPress websites to provide a holistic view of the content. Google Maps Street View is a good example of web-based virtual reality. JavaScript makes using particle animations instead of videos and images easier. They are lightweight and won’t bog down a website giving users all the information they would get with videos.


Facebook ‘likes’, Twitter ‘hearts’, emoticons and ‘claps’ are examples of micro-interactions that have taken the online world by storm. WordPress plugins help content creators to use these popular trends to enhance user interactions and lets the website owner immediately see the activity and gauge its effectiveness.

The WordPress community as a whole is adopting the most popular trends and developing coordinating plugins. For bloggers and WordPress content creators, it is critical to use current trends in web design strategy. With the continued use of WordPress plugins, many functionalities are improved.


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