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Web design professionals create Google My Business (GMB) web pages that help businesses build a strong online presence across several Google-related platforms. Google My Business replaces “Google Places for Business” and “Google+.” It is an essential marketing tool for managing and updating business information, appearing in search results and engaging potential customers.

Professional web design of a GMB page is an efficient and intuitive way of ensuring positive user experience. GMB complements existing websites as well as new web pages. Following are some helpful suggestions for effective web design of a GMB web page.

Google Search – Displays search results that are relevant to a local business’s services and promotional content. The most effective use of this feature is to provide accurate data. Use of keywords and phrases and complete, detailed information ensures a higher SEO ranking. Search results with a high SEO ranking appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). A high SEO gives the website greater online exposure, increases web traffic and improves brand recognition.

Google Analytics – Provides data-driven insights, tracks Flash, video and social media sites and applications, and enables businesses to measure ROI.

Google Adwords – An online advertising platform that is used to fine-tune the business’s digital marketing strategies, such as Pay-Per-Click and eCommerce, through paid advertisements for goods and services.

Google Reviews – A feature that allows customers to leave reviews. It helps build better business relationships with customers. Google outranks all other review platforms, such as Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Google Maps – Synchronizes with Google Search for easy access and enhanced user experience, generating 42 percent more traffic than websites without this feature.

Google’s Knowledge Graph – A useful tool for providing the most accurate information in the shortest time possible in search queries. Helps business owners to determine their target audience, then find the best way to connect user searches.

In addition, certain other features of a successful, interactive Google My Business page include the consistent use of:

Comprehensive Data

Business owners provide thorough, detailed information about their business to a web design professional. The web designer uses the data to describe the type of business by including:

  • Readily apparent data about the products or services
  • How products or services can be acquired
  • Business hours/availability. 


Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature targets important keywords and search phrases in GMB listings. A web design professional is well-versed in the use of relevant keywords to design highly visible and successful web pages.


The use of cover photos, profile images, and company logos have a huge impact on how well a GMB listing performs. A web design that includes photos generates 35 percent more clicks than pages without images. A business logo helps potential customers identify the type of business and fosters brand recognition. Cover photos placed at the top of the web page creates interest and using photos throughout the web site further promotes the business. Professional web design adheres to Google’s best practices for using photos and images.


Encouraging user’s to take action is accomplished with web design elements like:

  • Click on Content
  • Request Directions
  • View Photos
  • Contact Us

Customer Reviews

Adding a clickable link for customer feedback encourages user “action”. This is important in terms of what it can do for a business. Reviews boost online presence by appearing on SERPs. Recent studies show that most consumers trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. Generating reviews and responding to those reviews helps build consumers’ trust, which leads to sales.

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