Web Design Standards for KC Web Specialists

We all as web designers want our customer base and potential clients to be able to use our websites in a most efficient manner. We don’t intentionally try and confuse them, it would be counter intuitive. For this reason, there are web design standards that we here at KC Web Specialists use to keep our clients customers happy. We are not saying that our website designs are cookie-cutter.

Web Design Standards for KC Web Specialists

Does KC Web Specialists use web design standards?

Standard in this sense would be a majority of websites that use the same types of elements. In the following list, we will discuss why these elements are considered standard for our website designs.

Responsive design
We have made a shift in our web design standards, making responsive design our main focus. Google wants to know that your site is mobile friendly, so we implement this practice across the board. But it isn’t a web design standard for all sites. There are still websites out there that you just can view correctly on a mobile device.

People here in the United States tend to read from top to bottom, left to right. It comes as no surprise that the logo is at that spot. It is a visible reminder that you are with the branded company, assuring you that the information you are going to be looking at comes from the source you are expecting.

The main navigation located in the header at the top of every page, making horizontal top-level navigation a web design standard.

Home page slideshows are a web design standard for KC Web Specialists. If the client does not wish for a carousel slideshow, we at least give a static featured image.

Having a search feature in the header is important for some clients. When people come the website from a search engine, they might not find what they are looking for right of the bat. Instead of making them scroll around, they can search for exactly what they want. These insights can be invaluable to the business if they are properly tracked.

Social media
We include icons for social media websites in the footer. We recommend adding social media icons to all our clients.

If you are looking for a website that follows these web design standards, consider giving KC Web Specialists a call.

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