Web Design That Includes Specific Blog Content Can Transform Your Business

KC Web Specialists web design blog content optimized for website successYour overall business web design needs to tell users who you are, what you do, and what you offer. Web design is about more than choosing a logo, adding eye-catching images and providing brand-specific information. While those are all important, there are other key design elements for optimizing a successful website. Page layout, typography, speed and ease of navigation, mobile responsiveness, call-to-action and digital marketing are also essential components that will put your website in front of users and generate conversions. Further, you can meet all of your business objectives when you include a blog as part of your web design. 

Featuring a blog on your website gives it a better chance of being ranked on search engines, and is a more comprehensive method for improving visitors’ experience on your site. It’s a fundamental way to create a positive first impression and impart vital information. Of significance, it ensures authority and increases Google’s trust

Careful consideration should go into writing your blogs. Blog content specific to your products or services that match searchers queries is helpful to customers because they quickly and easily find what they’re looking for. The content should be easy to read and understand, so efficiency is key. By that, we mean choosing the right words without being too wordy. It’s important to communicate your intentions clearly and quickly and influence users to follow through with action.

Blogs contain keywords that searchers use to find your business and learn more about your products or services. Using long-tail keywords can improve the quality of traffic and generate more leads to your website. Relevant keywords in your blog content are more likely to result in higher page rank and result in more clicks. Including links to social media and other websites that link back to your blog is also effective for improving page rank. The higher your page ranks in searches, the more clicks it generates and the more other websites start linking to it. This will lead to more users who view your business as a trustworthy, reputable website.

Small businesses often can’t compete with larger businesses with equally large advertising budgets. However, with a blog, you can create a content strategy that is more time and cost-effective with just as much – or even greater – success. Business marketers using blogs as part of their web design receive 67% more leads than those who don’t. They encourage online purchases and provide users with the solutions they need. Ultimately, blogging is integral to increasing qualified web traffic and gives you more leverage to promote your business and convert more sales.

As part of your business SEO strategy, professional web design can include a blogging option on your website that will get you the visibility you need with your ideal market audience, establish your online authority with Google and drive targeted traffic to your website. At KC Web Specialists a website designer can help your business reach an optimal online presence with effective web design strategies that include blogging, PPC advertising, Call-to-Action, mobile compatibility and all the other design elements your business needs to make it a success.



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