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Web-Design-Video-Hosting-For-Small-Business-Marketing-KC-Web-SpecialistsSmart web design for small business includes content marketing that promotes your business and stimulates your market audience. Getting people talking about your products or services and sharing with others is essential. Your web design content can be anything from blogs to graphics to images to videos and more. An increasingly popular web design strategy for growing your business is video hosting.

Video hosting is highly effective in generating interest in a product or topic that is related to your business. Creating a video marketing campaign is, undeniably, one of the most engaging forms for promoting your company. People find it easy to use and are more likely to engage and follow through with some action after viewing a video than with any other type of media.

While there are several video hosting platforms to choose from, some are better than others for small business use. When the goal of your web design is to increase awareness of your brand, choosing the right video hosting platform is vital. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of four of the most popular online video hosting platforms.

YouTube: An online video platform (OVP) that is a collection of public and viral videos that anyone can upload. Because of its popularity, it reaches literally millions of users.

  • Pros – Hosting a video on YouTube can attract users on a larger scale than other OVPs. Its auto-play feature makes the experience of watching videos seamless and keeps viewers on your website site longer.
  • Cons – The downside of posting your video on YouTube is that related content algorithms will display videos from your competition. It also does not possess lead capture tools and has limited data analytics. It’s an optimal money-making platform but is not ideal for small businesses.

Vimeo: This is a leading video hosting platform used most prominently to display short films, informational pieces, animations and the like.

  • Pros – It has web design tools to collect user data, and privacy features for restricting who can view your content. It is often used by large enterprises to target high-end viewers only.
  • Cons – Small businesses will be competing against large companies with larger audiences and higher-production capabilities. Its focus is on the artistry of the content, and not on the product or branding of the company. It has limited storage that does not allow for simple file transfers, and no web design tools focusing on conversions and generating revenue.

Wistia: Specializes in marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s designed to upload, store and deliver video content. 

  • Pros – Web design producers can create demo videos, help/training videos, or webinar recordings to convert leads into sales with more insight into products and services being offered. It allows for integration with analytics and stores user data.
  • Cons – Its narrow focus doesn’t have such web design features as syndication, monetization, and custom video players. Wistia is good for niche marketing, but there are other less expensive video hosting platforms for guiding viewers to your landing pages.

Rumble: This video sharing platform is a one-stop-shop for web design video hosting with easy user interface and advanced features for content marketing and creating videos. 

  • Pros – It has the most value in terms of price, audience, and functionality with APIs, deep analytics, URL tracking, upfront storage and streaming capabilities. In addition, it provides you with a video player customized with your brand logo. With Rumble, small business web design can refine branding, video clarity and targeting, creating high-resolution videos and syndicating to YouTube, Facebook and other social media.
  • Cons – Rumble does not have the scale that YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia have. However, it is increasing in popularity and is priced right – free with a very reasonable paid subscription option.

Professional web design by KC Web Specialists can develop and display relevant, interesting and informative videos and other animated, visual footage to enhance your online visibility, drive traffic and generate leads. Let us help your business reach an optimal online presence with content marketing and video hosting web design strategies.

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