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kc web specialists web design wordpress advantagesWeb design is jam-packed with options for building websites for both DIY and professional web designers. Advanced electronics and more people learning code make it a viable option for many companies to have in-house personnel create a business website using a free CMS or one that is relatively inexpensive to purchase. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get a website that gets you noticed, drives traffic and influences users to click on your ads. For that, you need local experts at web design KC Web Specialists in Kansas City.

Prior to HTML, with embedded Javascript and PHP, web design required knowledge of specific programming language and code to build websites. In today’s world, however, we have more web design options for entering content, creating a particular look and improving website functionality. There are numerous web design platforms that are available. The three different types of web design platforms are Content Management Systems like WordPress, website builders such as Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace, and raw code web design.

kc web specialists web design wordpress ppc advertisingEach is similar, inasmuch as they can help you build a website, but they are not the same with regard to the variety of features they provide, the cost, or ease of use and effectiveness. This is important, because not only do you need searchers to find your website, but you also need visitors to follow through with an action and to keep coming back. Which platform you choose for your Kansas City business depends, in part, on the purpose of your website.

For example, if you want to strictly promote product sales, Shopify can do that. Wix offers the same basic features as Shopify but has fewer options and some tasks are harder to accomplish. Squarespace has all the basics, as well, but has a limited number of themes and other important features. WordPress is best for blogging and is also extremely customizable with many web design options. 

Those free and easy website builders may help, but only a Kansas City WordPress web design expert can build a website that targets your local market audience, gets you a high rank on SERP and helps grow your business.

kc web specialists web design wordpress html codeWordPress has microdata for tagging your business to your specific location. Also, your web pages and URL structure can be formatted to make your website content easily understood by search bots. Importantly, no other CMS is better for SEOIt has unlimited coding options and comes with all kinds of themes and plugins for customization. These features are essential for giving you a high search rank position in local searches. 

At KC Web Specialists in Kansas City, we like WordPress for a lot of reasons. With WordPress web design, your website can be customized to your brand for selling products or services. It gets you noticed and generates traffic and so much more. Our web design experts can add PPC advertising, contact buttons and other ‘click me’ options, or how-to videos. Further, your website will be fast loading and mobile responsive.

KC Web Specialists in Kansas City are web design experts who specialize in creating business websites using WordPress CMS. It is far more accommodating and user-friendly architecture, which allows for quicker development. This allows our web designers to focus on customizing your website so it will grab user attention and influence them to follow through with an action, which is essential for your business success. If your current website is not performing the way you want it to, or if you want to talk about building the website your business needs, we offer a FREE website evaluation.

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