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With so many Olathe, Kansas Web Designer or SEO options and companies out there, what do you really need, what’s excessive, who can you trust? Our Website and WordPress development consulting and low cost local Olathe, Kansas Web design and SEO services have saved or made companies thousands of dollars on their Web site needs. For organizations interested in the bottom line, that’s real money.

We believe “trust” is earned by reputation. Our Olathe, Kansas Website developers are Web design instructors at Johnson County Community College, former students of those instructors, and developers with years of Web site design experience. We want to professionally answer any Web questions you might have before you consider paying any company to help you with your Olathe, Kansas Web design.

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Kudos for this Dental business in Olathe, Kansas

So my shout out is this - - If you are looking for an Oral Surgeon in Olathe, Kansas, I highly recommend Kirk C. Collier, D.D.S. I had two wisdom teeth pulled yesterday morning. I'm still waiting for the pain to start? Nothing? He's a wizard. Apparently he just made the teeth disappear. I don't know what happened, I was asleep through the process, but I didn't have any after pain.

So if anyone has him in their circles, or you know Dr. Collier, please let him know I appreciate his wonderfully pain free service.

FYI - I did call the office and leave a kudos with his staff. But I'm thinking if you've got him in your social circles here's a great testimonial for him to share.

As a Web Design business in Overland Park, Kansas, I am though going to have to talk to him about his Olathe, Kansas Web design. http://www.ofsa-ks.com/ It's still in Flash. Boooo, hiss. Flash is bad for Mobile Web site users. It's also not SEO friendly.

Things to know about Olathe, Kansas from the olathe .org Web site.

Olathe, Kansas is the second largest among the 21 communities in prosperous Johnson County Kansas, and the fifth largest city in the state. It is located just 20 miles southwest of downtown Kansas City, with all of the cultural advantages of a major metropolitan area.

Olathe, Kansas offers a life style of exceptional quality. A drive through Olathe's attractive neighborhoods shows a well-planned, pleasing community. Olathe's Fire and Police Departments are among the finest in the state. The City's school system is one of the best in the nation.

Outdoor recreation offers a variety of activities, including running, bicycling, fishing, boating, and team sports. The Olathe, Kansas area is popular for hot-air ballooning and sailboarding. Olathe, Kansas has two public lakes: Olathe Lake (172 acres) and Cedar Lake (45 acres.)

The City's Parks and Recreation Department maintains year-round activities including music and dance, sports, health and fitness programs for all ages. Baseball diamonds, tennis courts and fitness trails are available throughout the city and there are four public outdoor swimming pools in Olathe.

Olathe's quality of life invites an ever-increasing number of people to look at the community as a place to call home.


Both the Olathe, Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Shawnee, Kansas Chamber of Commerce have been great sources of Web Design projects for my company. From a local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective, it is not hard to get your Olathe, or Shawnee Kansas Website on the first page of Google.

Olathe, Kansas Web Design in the News

As a Web design business owner in Overland Park, Kansas I still have plenty of opportunity to do Web Design jobs for companies in Olathe, Kansas. So when I came across this article in the Olathe, Kansas news I thought I might try to match up notable people with notable businesses. I was a bit disappointed though. It seems that the majority of the people in the list were from times long ago. Although they did do a good job on this one.

146. Dennis Pratt

Few people know Dennis Pratt, who has worked at The Olathe News for several years and lives in Olathe. But he represents all the people who won’t make the list. He works more than 40 hours a week, has had a lifetime of ups and downs, but finds a way to succeed and touch the lives of those around him. He is only one person, but part of the thousands of people who shape and mold Olathe each day.

What a great addition to the list. Every day across the business community people work hard for their company. Which then leads me to this. What are you doing to recognize those businesses who have expressed gratitude for your service? If you can manage it, you should, as business owner recognize their thanks on your Olathe, Kansas Web site. What Google likes are links between relevant Web sites. What is more relevant than the sharing of information back and forth between companies that have done business with / for each other. Consider adding a partners page on your Olathe, Kansas Web site. Write a brief paragraph about the business you did together, and then be sure to put a link to the other businesses Web site. Google will love your Web design for it.

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