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KC Web Specialists Launches New Shawnee Chamber of Commerce Responsive Web Design

We were honored to be chosen to build the new Website for the Shawnee Chamber. Launched February 8th, 2016. Thank you again Shawnee Chamber for this tremendous opportunity.

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Special News December 2013 - - KC Web Specialists featured in the December 2013 Shawnee Chamber Newsletter. Thank you Stacey for giving us the opportunity to talk about how being a member of the Chamber has helped our Shawnee Kansas Web Design business. Here's a link to the full Web design article on the Shawnee Chamber Web site.

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From the Shawnee, Kansas Chamber of Commerce

“Established in 1946, the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that works to preserve the best possible business climate and quality of life for Shawnee. There are nearly 700 business members in this organization continuing to grow, thanks – in part – to a strong community commitment of making Shawnee succeed.

The Shawnee Chamber Corporation (501C6) is comprised of three divisions: the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce, the Shawnee Economic Development Council, and the Shawnee Convention and Visitor's Bureau. These organizations have different missions, but they are united in one overall effort: to make Shawnee a great place to do business, whether you are a visitor, a company, or a resident. All divisions are located at the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce headquarters on the southwest corner of Shawnee Mission Parkway and Lackman Road. The Chamber offices are on the second floor of the Metcalf Bank Building, 15100 West 67th Street, Suite 202, Shawnee, KS 66217-9344.”

One of the most remarkable things about Shawnee, Kansas is that it is one of the fastest growing cities in the Kansas City metropolitan area and in the State of Kansas. This city of Shawnee, Kansas has grown at a rate of 25% or more every decade. But that is not the most interesting thing about Shawnee, Kansas. Shawnee, Kansas has an interesting history that began when pioneers helped establish it in 1856. Shawnee’s story can fascinate young and old alike. That pioneering spirit still exists today and makes up much of the economic development forefront in Shawnee, Kansas. Shawnee, Kansas continues to look to a bright future because of the tremendous partnership from the business community, City government and the Shawnee Economic Development Council. Ready to find out more? Click below to see how “Good Starts Here” in Shawnee. For more information, please visit our Economic Development site and the City of Shawnee Relocation Information & Resources site.


Shawnee, Kansas Web Design in the News

KC Web Specialists Featured in the December 2013 Shawnee Chamber Newsletter

It’s summer, but Mill Valley baseball is in mid-season form

By Corey Thibodeaux July 5, 2013

The electronic scoreboard wasn’t in use for this game, but anyone watching could tell that Mill Valley was beating St. James Academy by a mile.

The exact score wasn’t important, nor was the opponent. Such is summer baseball. But as of last week, the Jaguars hovered around 20 victories versus only a few losses. That has to say something, especially when most of it is against 6A competition.

“It really shows on the field all the time we spend together,” senior Bret Messer said.

Coming off a fourth-place state finish, these Mill Valley teams, broken into three age groups, have been cruising. The 16U team has been to the championship in both of its tournaments. The 18U team just went 5-0 to win a tournament against some of the best the Midwest had to offer. It’s July, but they are still in midseason form.

“We only had a week off between state and this,” senior Alex Rounds said, “so really it’s just an extension of the season.”

What this is, really, is a chance for the coaches to see kids they didn’t get to during the spring. Mill Valley coach Jeff Strickland had a hard time seeing the younger players in the regular season, but now he can assess everyone in the program. Mill Valley, as it has shown over the past month, has talent on every level.

“We get to solidify the system and what to expect from them — terminology — even more during the summer,” Strickland said. “So it’s invaluable for the coaching staff.”

Even after a heartbreaking loss to Bishop Carroll in the 5A state semifinals, the Jaguars have been all about baseball. Several players, such as Messer and Bryce Lievens, play ball year round, so it’s all part of the routine. Even the multi-sport athletes getting ready for football or soccer are committed to helping this team.

That said, there are no easy passes. Strickland takes full advantage of this offseason because it’s the most he gets to see of his players. By the time February comes, he will have a solid idea on who his best players are.

“It’s not only about getting better, but it’s an evaluation period for the coaching staff,” Strickland said. “Tryouts in the spring are one short week, they’re five days. Well, we get these guys for two and a half months during the summer.”

Perhaps one of the positives out of the immediate postseason-into-offseason transition of baseball is that everyone is too busy looking ahead to ache from the past. There are coaches who won’t discuss expectations and such for 2014, but Strickland isn’t one of them.

“Am I already talking to these guys about next February and March?” he said. “Absolutely.”


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