Website Design: Tips For A Fast Loading Website


An important goal of website design is to ensure a website has optimal loading speed. Businesses rely on retaining page visitors to their website and increasing conversion rates. They need a site that not only loads fast but is also optimized to improve ranking and increase traffic.

Website Design: Site Speed

Most people don’t have the patience to wait while a website “spins its wheels” trying to load. Also, when it’s hard to find the information or other content they’re looking for, page visitors will just leave and go to a competitor.

Overall, the speed of your website has a greater impact on retaining users and improving productivity than any other element of website design. A website designer can ensure the adequate performance of a website, keeping page visitors engaged and coming back.

Website Design: Search Engine Optimization SEO

One of many SEO factors used by search engines to determine rank is site speed. A website designer optimizes websites for SEO for the best performance and information. If a website is slow to load, users can’t access your site and see all the information.

Website Design: Resources

There are effective tools that are designed to report if a website is slow or not. For example, a web designer accesses those resources to review mobile and desktop recommendations, analyses of site performance, and performance history.

Here are a few website design tips for a faster loading site.

  • Hosting Plan – If you’re using a shared server, a better option is to move to a dedicated host. Bandwidth limits don’t have to be shared, and your web designer has full control of all resources.
  • Reduce HTTP RequestsHypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is code that communicates user requests (response protocol) to the server. The number or size of HTTP requests will make a website too slow. Reducing or eliminating HTTP requests can help improve load speed.
  • ImagesImage size can make a huge difference to the speed of your website. The larger they are, the slower the site. Optimizing the images before uploading them is recommended. Change the resolution, compress or crop the images, reduce the number of images used or eliminate them.
  • PluginsPlugins are used sparingly because they can significantly slow website performance by creating too many extra files, which decreases load speeds. In addition to taking up space, plugins increase security risks.
  • External Scripts – External scripts make HTTP requests each time a new page loads, making a website slow down. Limiting the number of scripts can improve load speed. Pop-up boxes and Facebook “Like My Page” boxes are examples of scripts used on many websites
  • JavaScript and CSS Files – Minimizing JavaScript and CSS files helps to increase load speed. A WordPress Plugin can combine files. Removing white space, repetitive strings of text, and zipping files can also reduce space.
  • Clean Up The Trash – Clean up the “trash” on the website. Remove spam comments and trackers, move media files to external drives, get rid of outdated software and backup files.

Not only is a slow website bad for users, but it can also cause your website to rank lower in search engine results. That translates to fewer page views and less revenue and customer conversions.

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