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2019 Website Design Trends – Design vs. Function

Knowing what is currently trending in website design for 2019 is useful to know when building or updating your web page if you want to reach out to a wide audience. You don’t have to follow the trends to the letter but use them as tools when applying them to your own site.KC-Web-Specialists-Website-Design-Trends-2019

Website design is complex and dynamic. Understanding the trends helps when designing a web page that is not only functional and informational but is also appealing and grabs the interest of users. KC Web Specialists examine website design trends for 2019.

What are the experts saying about current trends in design?
  1. Get Your Brand Moving
    Experts are predicting that full-screen video will take the lead in website design in 2019. Interest among users for video content is on the rise. Videos have the potential to make a web page much more entertaining and captivating. They keep viewers engaged for a longer duration. Compared to static images, videos can bring significant changes. The addition of photos is good, but it’s not enough when you want a very high-quality look to your page. Animation allows you to better convey your message and focuses a user’s attention on the primary content. That’s why these suggestions for more engaging content is suggested:

    • Live Video – Adding additional elements of style makes the web page attractive and memorable. This attracts the user and conveys the desired message being offered. Videos are informative and convenient and users don’t have to scroll up and down the page to see the information they’re looking for, they can simply watch the video you provided.
    • 3D and Computer Graphics – Adding three-dimensional art (3D). Three-dimensional art is observed in terms of its height, width and depth (unlike two-dimensional art, which consists of paintings, drawings and photographs). Pottery and sculpture are examples of three-dimensional art.
  2. Photo Placement – The use of photos is still important to successful website design, especially when used to advertise your brand or product. It allows for maximum appeal and demonstrates that the product meets a specific need. Placing colorful, vibrant photos in the center of the page is becoming the newest trend for 2019.
  3. Large headings and Strong Typographical Fonts – Use of large headings with bold text will highlight your topic and main content. A unique font is popular for website design and significantly affects how users perceive the information. Complex fonts, serif fonts and variational fonts (variable letters that gradually increase and decrease) draw users in.
  4. Minimalism – Keep the website design simple; it’s easier to understand and is more user-friendly. Most users don’t have time or interest in much of the content on web pages, finding it distracting. They look for clear and structural methods for information. Adding more space between elements of the text keeps it from looking cramped and cluttered making it easier to read. A functional, informative non-cluttered website design in combination with translucent buttons increases functionality.
  5. Vivid Pops of Color – Bright colors and contrasting combinations of color add interest and draw the eye in and has been a popular component in website design for years. When combined with a well-developed flat design they add visual appeal. A background with gradient elements of color creates a unique, fresh quality to the look of the website. The use of blinking and vibrating color text is also popular for 2019.
  6. Natural Shapes – The time for sharp-edged, straight lines for web design are over. Natural, streamlined shapes are being used in almost everything to symbolize concept, convey emotions and more, providing depth to the layout and helping page elements stand out.
  7. Streamlined Forms – Creating the illusion of flexibility, streamlined forms are firmly entrenched, and when supplemented by colored drops of very different shapes, are trending for 2019. The natural and streamlined shapes have a calming quality for users.
  8. Design versus Functionality – Simply put, one of the primary distinctions is purpose. Experts agree that design and functionality compliment each other. For example, clicking on a link loads a page – that is functionality. After the page is loaded the first thing the user sees are the colors and general appearance – that’s design. Combined they direct the eye to the content. A website that appears interesting and is easy to navigate is a successful website. Both design and functionality work together to create an effective site.
  9. Non-standard Website Design – i.e. non-standard placement of information blocks is relevant to the visual appeal of content. It is an acceptable and proven concept that invites a user’s interest. When using this approach, all essential information should be aligned on the left side of the page because users read from left to right. It’s an integral part of planning website design.

Futuristic patterns, colors and ideas will help brands create unique content that will stand above everyone else.

Should you make changes to your web design based on predicted trends? The short answer is Yes! Last year was all about taking risks in graphic design. But most of the graphic design trends from last year have become mainstream. Embrace bold and unique design trends – more vivid color palettes, bold fonts, and futuristic patterns.

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