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Hiring a skilled website designer is crucial for businesses who want an attractive, fully functional website. By analyzing which design trends are on the rise, a website designer can make more informed and creative choices when designing a responsive, modern website. A landing page that is highly visible ensures a high SERP ranking on Google.

Website Designer: Approach

Website design trends are constantly evolving. Intuitive web designers are exploring trending elements to make a web page stand out. This more experimental approach to designing a web page is likely to continue. For example, planning the layout and type, using diverse design elements, can be exciting to experiment with. 

Website Designer: First Impression

In a previous article, we talked about the combination of aesthetics and technology and how a website designer implements minimalism, color vs a black-and-white palette, animated GIFs, chatbots, organic shapes, and video contentCreating the first impression is an important goal of a website designer. Likewise, a landing page that is outdated and out of touch won’t achieve that goal.

Adapting the most effective design trends for a landing page can ensure a positive first impression for visitors to your website.

Website Designer: Design Elements

Asymmetrical Layout – In the layout of a web page, a website designer uses horizontal and vertical lines to arrange content. For example, everything may be lined up on one side of the web page, or down the center of the page. On the other hand, a broken grid may be used, with content arranged in various sections on the page, in no particular order. An asymmetrical grid makes the web page stand out, drawing more attention to the brand content.

TypographyIn 2019, experimenting with typography has become a design trend that is expected to continue. Learning new, advanced coding makes it easier for a website designer to use typography as part of the design. As an example, cutting parts of words or letters and using the negative space that is created adds to the visual appeal. Inserting images inside typography, placing the type on a diagonal line or shape, animating type and more, are trending design elements that are used to enhance a business website.

White SpaceInstead of using page content as the focal point, a website designer uses white space to make the web page more noticeable to users.

Overlapping – With careful consideration, a website designer uses overlapping elements to enhance the overall aesthetic of a business website. As with broken grid layouts and asymmetry, overlapped items add visual interest to specific content. Experimenting with this and other interesting design elements, including minimizing the area and changing up the content makes a website appeal to a wider audience.

NavigationOne of the hardest elements of page design involves navigation. However, a functional, aesthetically appealing and easily navigated web page is essential to a business website design. Currently, the trend is to experiment more with navigational elements.

In addition to a website designer making changes to placement on the page, font size and layout, for example, they implement design elements that make navigating the main part of the website fast and easy.

Website Designer: Technology

There has never been a more exciting time to be a website designer as technology improves and new design elements are being introduced. For 2019, it can only get better. Significantly, machine learning is an important sub-field of artificial intelligence (AI) that uses a computer to make predictions based on pre-determined algorithms of past data samples.

Specific platforms have been developed to further this endeavor. For example, Adobe Sensei (creates customized workflow and applications), Firedrop (construct websites in a matter of a few seconds); Sacha, (a chatbot for designing websites). Other important design options are  Alexa, Voice Interfaces, 3D, podcasts, Image Search, and more.

Website designers who are not afraid to explore and experiment are pushing the limits of what is possible in website design.

Website Designer: Improve SEO

If you want to make sure your business website stands out and exceeds expectations, a professional website designer at KC Web Specialists should be your next call. Using trending successful design elements such as grid-breaking layouts, colorful gradients, captivating motion, and unique images and other content, you can be sure of a highly visible online presence. Ultimately, your bottom-line is improved by driving traffic, increasing SEO rank and more user interactions.

Website Designer: Improves ROI

The different areas of web design, such as web graphics, interface design, aesthetics and technology and more can be used to create a successful business website. Further, a website designer who monitors and analyzes current design trends can predict which elements will raise your business conversion rates.

Website Designer: Services

Are you looking for a Kansas City web designer or help with website development for your business? Designing a successful business focused website is both an art and a science. KC Web Specialists are the experts in Kansas City.

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