A Website Designer Can Integrate eCommerce Into Your Website


A website designer works to create highly-visible websites with a strong SEO foundation.

They are constantly introducing new design elements to greatly improve user experience. An important element a website designer can integrate into a modern website design is eCommerce. It can improve a website’s performance by expanding its reach and generating more traffic. This has the ultimate effect of increasing the website’s SEO rankings.

Descriptions of terms relevant to eCommerce Integration:

A term that describes the electronic transfer of data involving all kinds of commercial transactions that are facilitated through the Internet. It is a means of buying and selling goods or services online. 

eCommerce Integration
The coordination between a company’s website and back-end accounting and inventory system (ERP). Proper integration enables the flow of information bi-directionally between the two systems, meaning the data only needs to be entered into the ERP system once. 

Enterprise Resource Planning Inventory (ERP)
The integrated approach to business planning and operations. With this system,  businesses can efficiently manage all their finances, logistics, operations and inventory in one place.

Multi-Channel Marketing
Also known as cross-channel marketing, the practice of using multiple channels guides potential customers towards engagement with your site. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
The process of optimizing sponsored search ads, landing pages and overall design of your website to raise your conversion rate.

Integrate eCommerce Into Your Website

A KC Web Specialists website designer using WordPress can plug in an eCommerce extension to a website to enable businesses and individuals to sell directly through their website. There are several advantages to integrating eCommerce.

It’s Time-Saving
Having eCommerce capabilities allows retailers to easily manage a large customer-base converting on multiple channels at once. It automatically tracks the progression of a product from the warehouse to delivery to the customer.

It Ensures Accuracy
Reduces mistakes with an efficient shipment orders system, avoiding delays, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Third-party Websites
Integrating eCommerce gives you the ability to link to third-party websites that specialize in eCommerce. Larger websites that have a large, established target audience can mean potential new customers for you.

Online Ordering
Have your website designer add a payment gateway or a shopping cart to your website. This allows customers to make their selections and make payment to an external website such as Google Checkout or PayPal. Consumers are more likely to follow through with a purchase when all they have to do is click a box or button to complete their transaction quickly and easily.

A competent website designer can integrate new design trends including eCommerce into your new or existing website. A Google certified web designer from KC Web Specialists can provide what you need to make your website a success. We are fully committed to providing the best website designer services to you.


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