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Website designers are busy introducing more and more new elements and styles in website design. Some of the new elements greatly improve user experience. Thoughtful design elements can improve how a website looks and promotes your business. With so many options for companies to choose from, it can be quite a challenge to select just the right one that is going to meet their needs and impart the information they want.
There are several important elements a website designer can integrate into a modern website design that can help you choose what to include to improve your website’s performance.
A unique font can promote brand recognition so customers can immediately identify your particular business. Typography uses one design trend across the website to lead readers to different parts of the page. The choice in typography can indicate subtle hints about who you are as a business entity and what your function is. Website designers have many fonts and typography styles to choose from and when combined with their creativity and skills can build a successful website.
Large Responsive Hero Images
With just a large image with text a website designer can create strong visual interest that encourages users to scroll down the page to read more. Modern website designers often place the images in the background with text and other content overlaid on top. This can help visually tell your story without having to rely on text alone. Responsive images make for good user experience, whether the images are background or product images.
Background Videos
Videos that automatically play in the background are a brilliant way to engage users and help them to see the key points that you want to project about your company without the user having to read a single line of text. Modern website designers use background videos to make more interesting, compelling websites that can help grow your business.
Flat or Semi-flat Design
Any element that does not feature the perception of three dimensions, such as shadows, is flat design. It is easy for users to comprehend, and can load more quickly on websites without overly-technical design elements. Semi-flat design elements with shadowing create depth and help users understand your website content more quickly. A modern website designer can create a website using a flat design or introducing shadows and other elements.
Hidden Menus
Many websites have a long menu of options for page visitors to choose from to take them directly to their target. A disadvantage of this type of menu is that it can take up a lot of valuable screen space. Alternatively, a hidden menu, sometimes referred to by the web designer as a hamburger menu, provides a cleaner path, free of distractions, helping users find the information they need quickly and efficiently.
Large Product Images
In modern website design, many websites display large product images on their websites to highlight the different features or parts of their product. Larger product images help a website designer highlight different features of a product in a more efficient and effective way. This approach is used to highlight featured products, providing information to users through images instead of words.
Card Design
The modern website designer makes use of the card design element to distribute information visually. Page visitors can more easily perceive items of content without being overwhelmed with a large body of text. Users can pick and choose which articles they want to expand and pass over those that hold no interest for them. The use of the card design element cuts down on clutter making the homepage cleaner and more organized. Using a responsive card design element on your company website helps highlight multiple products or information.
Short Feature Videos
In trending modern website design, the use of short product or feature videos is an effective way to highlight a specific feature or product. Shorter videos do not overwhelm page visitors who are not interested in sitting through a lengthy video to reach the content they are looking for. Website designers are skilled in helping create responsive design elements such as a short feature video to enhance user experience while meeting client expectations.
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