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Website Designer vs Website Builder Template 


A website designer can create a custom design for your online business website. Or you can purchase one of the many website builder templates that are available. If you’re hoping to save money by doing it yourself, this may seem to be a good option. However, what you may not realize is that it could actually cost you more in the long run. Most business owners who have gone the build-your-own-website route have discovered that the cost was actually much more than anticipated.

What Is A Website Builder Template?

Essentially, a website builder template is a tool that substitutes design and coding with pre-set functions and code. You don’t have to know design fundamentals, CSS, HTML, and other coding languages. In a situation where you don’t have the money to hire a custom website designer, a template is a more affordable option to start with. But once your website has brand recognition and an established online presence you should upgrade to a custom website designer.

Custom vs Generic Design

You want your online presence to look professional and appeal to your target customer base. It should generate trust and give your business credibility. Unfortunately, website templates are unable to differentiate between a generic business and the unique qualities of your business.

Templates Limit Creativity

When your goal is to make your business stand out from the crowd; templates don’t allow the kind of customization you need. A poor design using a template that cannot create a modern web design can result in the loss of your customer base. It may be so limited it cannot include the design elements you need, like the eCommerce and Pay-Per-Click functionalities. A custom website designer, on the other hand, won’t have such limitations.


A custom-designed website is compatible with different browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Bing, Opera, and Safari. This can actually make-or-break your website because not everyone uses the same browser every time they conduct an online search. Relying on the specific skill set of a website designer is the only way to guarantee your business website properly displays on all search engines.

SEO Optimization

We’ve talked before about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its importance to the success of your website cannot be understated. A professional website designer ensures your business website is SEO friendly. Getting the CSS and HTML code right is vital to putting your business at the top of the page in SEO ranking. Templates do not have the same freedom of choice as a custom designer.

Reaching Your Target Audience

When you have specific requirements for your website that reflect the needs of your customers, having a skilled website designer is crucial. A generic template with all its limitations does not allow the versatility to do that.

The Bottom Line

So which is the best option for you? Hire a professional, custom website designer or go with a template? If you feel that you are losing potential business by not having a mobile responsive website, then you should hire a competent, experienced website designer. One who will bring your vision for your company’s website to reality. A website designer will work with you to get a thorough understanding of what your business is and the customer base you want to target. They will make sure your website is customized with a unique and interesting design that will set your business apart from your competitors. It will include all the elements you need to generate more user interaction and ultimately, generate more sales.

Ongoing support

In addition to the very best website, you could possibly have, at KC Web Specialists you can be assured of having tech support. If you have questions or concerns, if you want to upgrade an existing site or build a new one – you can pick up the phone to speak to a real live human who will answer your questions and solve those problems.

A website designer at KC Web Specialists can provide everything you need to make your business website a success. Our team of specialists is fully committed to providing the absolute best service to you.


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