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KC-Web-Specialists-Website-Development-2020-Design-Trends-blogWebsite development and design are vital when your goal is to create a positive first impression of your business and attract users that lead to conversions. In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever to incorporate the latest 2020 design trends into your business marketing strategies to keep your website relevant and visible on search engines. As we progress through the year, we’ve noticed and adapted some of the more important website development design trends.


Full-page Headers. Website development enables designers to implement full-page headers which include key text or call-to-action (CTA) buttons and eye-catching images on the top of your web page. This design trend helps users focus most of their attention where you want it.

Asymmetric Grid Design. By all indications, an asymmetric grid layout will likely become even more popular in modern website development in 2020. Effective use of plenty of white space and a minimalist style can be used to highlight images, while an asymmetric design can keep your website fresh, engaging and consistent. Our effective use of a 2D grid layout system for designing HTML site pages allow our professional designers to create complex, responsive website designs that give your website all the capabilities it needs to meet your business goals.

website design trends 2020 UX UIIntuitive User Experience (UX/UI). In 2020 and beyond, UX must be smooth, uninterrupted, and engaging. Website development focuses on creativity and functionality for ensuring a great UX. Effective use of white space, image captions, voice-enabled interfaces, videos and balanced motion design are all used to provide easy-to-read content and easy-to-use interfaces for users. 

Color and Fonts. Every year there’s a new favorite color trend, and in 2020, designers are leaning toward a more muted palette than in previous years. Professional website development explores the various colors and the psychology behind their use to make your website highly visible and reach a broad audience. In addition, the use of bold fonts is trending, and it’s a good design option for marketing your brand. San-serif and serif fonts and vintage type is dominating screen text.

mobile responsive website development 2020 trendsMobile Responsive. Fast page load, scannable, relevant SEO content and more are increasingly important in 2020. With most internet traffic coming from mobile devices, website development ensures that all elements of design must translate flawlessly between desktop and mobile devices across all platforms.  

As a whole, website development can ensure your business site is modern and responsive and evolves over time. With classy website design and compelling content, imagery and videography, attention-getting headers and more, your website is sure to engage and convert your target audience when you trust KC Web Specialists.

If you want to jump on the bandwagon to ensure your website is out in front of the rest, take a look at the current trends, then call KC Web Specialists to help your website become the most modern, responsive and Google-friendly that it can be! You’ll have a website that is clean and scannable, with plenty of images, infographics, engaging videos and more that explain what your business is about.

We’re the experts in all things relating to the design and development of websites that rank high on Google’s SERP. If you’re having problems getting the results you’re looking for from your business website, give us a call and schedule a FREE website evaluation and SEO REPORT. Our technicians will get busy right away to ensure your site is the best it can be!


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