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KC Web Specialists Website Development Best Practices Form DesignWebsite development involves complex strategies and skill to create a website that will help business growth. An integral step to achieving that goal is building the forms that companies need on their websites that will attract users, enhance user experience (UX) and help boost conversions. Form design requires a whole lot of ‘know-how’ that the average person doesn’t have.

Form design is the process of creating a web form where site visitors can input and submit their information while keeping the form’s layout, format, appearance, and other factors in mind. From registration forms, surveys, billing or shipping forms, customer feedback forms, email sign up forms and more, professional website development designs web forms that are eye-catching, brand-relevant and easy-to-use.

Website Design Image Sourcing For Optimal Performance KC Web SpecialistA best practice is to improve user interface as a way to enhance the user’s experience for inputting information into a web form. Web Form User Interface (UI) is the part of a device (smartphone, tablet, etc) that a user directly interacts with (screen or keyboard). KC Web Specialists follow Google’s best practices for website development of user-friendly forms, including user interface (UI) design, mobile form design, and call to action (CTA) design.KC Web Specialists Website Development Call-to-Action buttons

There are three main parts to a form’s user interface that website development focuses on when creating forms: structure, layout, and patterns.

Form structure is the order in which the fields on the form appear, and how the fields and sections flow from one to another. Best practice includes multiple steps and many fields, split into different steps and pages to make the process easier for users to navigate.

When designing the layout of the form fields, website development groups fields together appropriately and organizes them based on the type of information a user is providing.

Website development uses many different design patterns, based on specific needs, such as for creating a password. Patterns work over and over again to improve the form’s UI and ease of use.

Mobile form design is a crucial component of website development that ensures the written and visual content of a form fits every device’s screen.

Most web forms include a call-to-action (CTA) of some kind. The design of a CTA, especially on your landing page, is critical because it can drive prospective customers to convert to leads. Website developers implement CTAs based on the specific enterprise and goals and place them on the form or web page to grab user attention.

No matter what type of business you’re promoting, chances are you need at least one web form on your site. Best practices provide better user experience, user interface, mobile compatibility, and CTA so that visitors to a website will have a reliable and positive experience that helps boost conversions.

At KC Web Specialists, we’ve helped hundreds of Kansas City businesses reach their goals with our website development techniques and strategies. If your website is not performing effectively and generating new leads and new business, think about professional website development that applies best practices, which are a proven way to meet all your business objectives. Contact us today for a FREE website evaluation.


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