WordPress Plugins Power Audit – This Is Super Important

If you have a WordPress Website this information is super important, AND you MUST take action.

Due to increasing pressures from hacking organizations, Website hosting companies like GoDaddy and WPEngine, are now proactively auditing ALL the WordPress Websites on their servers for plug-ins that have known security issues, or the plug-in manufacturer has not released a plug-in version update within the last year.

WordPress is an amazing tool, that allows us to create the look, and sometimes more importantly, the “functionality” a business needs from a Website.

WordPress accomplishes this amazing “functionality” through the use of Plugins.

Kansas City WordPress Power Audit


As you can see on the right side of the screen shot above, each plugin has “Version” number.

For almost 100 of our clients, KC Web Specialists is constantly updating all the plugin versions of a site as they become available.

Unfortunately, it needs to go a step farther. If there is no recent plugin version available, or GoDaddy and WPEngine have flagged that plugin as a security risk, it needs to be replaced.

What does this means for you as the owner of a WordPress Website.  You need to have KC Web Specialists do a power audit of your site’s plug-ins and replace certain plugins.

This audit can take up to 2 hours, which is billed separately from any other services.  

What we will do is audit your site’s plugins and replace any plugins on your site that have known security issues or have been flagged by the hosting company as needing to be replaced.

GoDaddy and WPEngine are now sending out a lot of eMails about WordPress plugins with the “potential” for allowing a hacker access to your site. They are making it sound as ominous as it actually kind of is.

Doing this plugin Power Audit will keep your site as secure as it can be from the ever growing hacker community.

Please contact support@kcwebspecialists.com or call us at (913)489-7866 to get start on this audit.



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